'Gym lips' is the latest makeup trend taking over TikTok

Though in-your-face makeup looks are definitely reigning supreme at the moment – think graphic eyeliner, bold, glittery eyeshadow and extravagant nail art – no-makeup makeup looks aren’t going anywhere.

This is evidenced by the recent ‘clean girl aesthetic’ trend on TikTok, which has seen a resurgence of minimal beauty such as glass hair, glass skin and the two-minute makeup look. 

The latest iteration of this trend comes in the form of ‘gym lips,’ a makeup trend invented by New York City based makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell, who first shared the look on Instagram.

‘It’s basically an overlined lip I wear to the gym that’s really natural,’ she said in TikTok explaining the trend. 

‘The key is to have a lip liner that is your lip colour…and you overline your lips and fill them in.

‘Then you’re going in with a lip treatment, something that will hydrate your lips.’

let’s bring gym lips to tik tok lmao #gymlips my go to liner is @Kevyn Aucoin in divine or @ABH Cosmetics in hazelnut w a lip treatment over it.

It’s a simple, two product, super natural makeup look that, despite the name, can be worn anywhere, whether that’s to the corner shop, a movie night or a date.

‘I originally called it gym lips because it was when I was on my way to the gym I’d always throw on a lip,’ Kelli explained in another video.

#gymlips on insta is trending I think idk but lfg #TalkingTree #MoveWithTommy #fyp #fypシ

With 170k views on the #gymlips tag on TikTok, it’s safe to say that the trend is taking the internet by storm.

Kelli credits the trends popularity to its simplicity – all you need is a lip liner and a lip mask. 

‘Gym lips is an overlined lip technique that looks natural, while using only two products,’ says False Eyelashes makeup artist Saffron Hughes. ‘The trend gives a natural, plump lip look with minimal effort.’

Here’s how to do it:

  • Find a lip liner that matches the natural colour of your lips
  • Overline your lips slightly with the lip liner and then fill in the rest of your lips lightly and blend with your finger 
  • Then apply a lip treatment/mask/balm 

And there you have it, the ultimate no-makeup makeup lip look.

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