Poundland launches beauty range that fans think is a perfect dupe for Lush

Poundland has launched a new beauty range featuring body scrubs and face masks – which fans say is incredibly similar to Lush’s more expensive version. 

The Fabulush range contains 12 items, all packaged in minimal, black containers, with chalk white fonts – just like the Lush originals.

The bargain range includes a clay mask, lip scrub, shimmer bomb, exfoliating cubes and whipped foaming soap. 

And, just like Lush, the products are all vegan.

‘Poundland today. Very much like products from Lush,’ wrote one woman on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, sharing pictures of her local store. 

‘Had tubs of face masks, body lotion, shower gel and moisturisers.’

Hundreds liked and commented on the post, with one person asking: ‘Does anyone know if these are non cruel range? Like Lush!’

Someone replied: ‘It’s all vegan. I’ve used a few bits and I’m really impressed.’

‘All against animal testing and vegan for anyone wondering!’ added another excited shopper.

‘They only had the foot scrub in our store yesterday but I tried it today, it’s so so good and smells amazing.’

Being Poundland, each product costs just £1 – but you’ll need to head to your nearest store to get your hands on the products because they aren’t available online.

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