The $23 Trick to Making Your Mascara Look Better Than Ever

Mask wearing has put our eyes front and center over the past year. And because of that, it's no wonder that people have been experimenting a lot more with their eye makeup. Poppy shadows? Check. Big, bold lashes? Heck yes. But it's also put an extra spotlight on those "ugh-inducing" eye makeup problems, like the transferring of shadows and the flaking of mascara.

Eyelid primers can help with the former, and Lancôme's top-rated Booster XL Vitamin-Infused Mascara Primer with the latter. In fact, whatever your mascara frustrations are — flaking, transferring, clumpiness, or what have you —  swiping this primer over your lashes will eliminate them in seconds.

The product is said to "maximize the results of your favorite mascara," according to the description. And it does this by conditioning the lashes in one fell swoop, adding length, volume, and curl even before you've applied the actual mascara. The primer's formula includes micro-fibers that coat and plump each lash, and vitamins B5 and E that add length and thickness while also stimulating eyelash growth. It works great with mascara, but this Lancôme primer is also powerful on its own: Apply it at night time as a deep conditioning and growth treatment. 

Cils Booster XL Vitamin-Infused Mascara Primer LANCÔME

Shop now: $23 (Originally $27);

The primer averages a 4.8-star rating and over 1,300 reviews, and so many Nordstrom shoppers have crowned it a "holy grail" in their makeup routine. That's because in addition to lengthening, plumping, and curling, they say applying this primer before their mascara has become a "can't-do-without step" that extends the life cycle of their mascara.

"On the rare occasion I wear mascara without this primer, it smudges or flakes by mid-afternoon, or it just doesn't go on as well," one reviewer wrote. "You won't regret [it], and you won't quit it. Get it."

Another shopper shared a similar sentiment about the lash primer. "This product for me is a 'must have.' Not only does it indeed lengthen and thicken my lashes, it also seems to help my mascara last literally all day," they wrote. "If I have a work reception in the evening, I no longer bring my mascara with me to work to re-apply — it still looks great eight, 12, 16 hours later."

It not only nips flaking mascara, racoon eyes, and the need to reapply mid-day in the bud, it also creates the illusion of false eyelashes, according to plenty of shoppers.

"Cils booster gave me the eyelashes I had always dreamed of! I have the shortest, stubbiest eyelashes ever, and really never thought it would be worth the money to add this to my regimen," another reviewer wrote. "I was so wrong! This is worth every penny for what it does to make eyelashes thick and long. Just an awesome product!"

Whatever your mascara frustrations (or eyelash worries) may be, it seems the Lancôme Cils Booster can solve them. Shop the primer while it's marked down during Nordstrom's Spring Sale.

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