The Best Nail Products of 2020

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If there's one thing none of us could have predicted for 2020, it's well, everything. 

For a few months, no one could even go out to get a manicure to ease our woes. But despite the fact that salons have now reopened across the U.S., there's still plenty of people who still (understandably) have prefer taking care of their nails at home.

Luckily, our readers shared all their faves from this chaotic year with us — and their choices are definitely putting us at ease.

The best nail products of 2020, according to InStyle readers, ahead.

Best Polish: Essie Expressie


Even for the consummate DIY pro, at-home manicures can be a challenge. Fortunately, the quick-dry polish has an angled brush that makes application a cinch.

To buy: $9;

Best Top Coat: OPI Nail Lacquer


You’re far less likely to smudge a freshly painted nail if you seal in color with this strengthening topcoat.

To buy: $11;

Best Nail Strengthener: Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails


There’s no time like the present to give your nails some extra love. The ultra-protective formula prevents breakage and adds a glossy sheen while you’re stuck at home.

To buy: $6;

Best Cuticle Oil: CND Solar Oil


Cuticles are key to keeping nails healthy, yet they’re often neglected. Moisturize the nail bed and stimulate growth with this vitamin-rich oil.

To buy: $13;

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Best Nail Strips: Color Street


For those who can’t seem to master painting their own nails, these easy-to- attach strips made of actual polish come in an array of colors and patterns and last for up to two weeks. No tools necessary.

To buy: $13;

Editors’ Pick: Merle Norman Cosmetics Ultra Rich Hand Cream


We’ve all experienced overly dry hands these past few months. This cream, loaded with vitamin E, quickly hydrates and soothes

To buy: $25;

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