The 'sleepy eyes' makeup trick gives sultry eyeliner every time

The classic feline flick is probably the style of eyeliner you’re most familiar with, but is it the most flattering?

Over on TikTok and Instagram, beauty influencers have been sharing how to do the latest eyeliner hack, dubbed ‘sleepy eyes’.

This goes against what we’ve always been told about wearing eyeliner, that it can open the eye and make the wearer appear more awake.

Instead, this eyeliner look is all about closing the eyes, giving a sultry, sexier look that can appear slightly ‘sleepy’.

It’s pretty easy to do as well, though the technique is different to a standard eyeliner look.

Levi-Jade Taylor, a makeup artist, tells ‘Sleepy liner is a winged liner that accentuates the lower part of the eye and creates a smoky effect that is super sultry.

‘Where a typical winged liner lifts the eye up, a sleepy liner begins from the lower lash line and continues straight out towards the temple.

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‘For easy application, start by smoking out the lower lash line (with liner or eyeshadow) and this will make the angle of the liner easier to map out on top.

‘Aim for a straighter line out towards the temple, rather than a lifted wing that goes up toward the end of the brow.’

Levi-Jade recommends using a pencil liner for the smoking out part, as it can be easier to blend this in and fix up if the angle goes slightly wrong.

Although, the look can work with any format of eyeliner, be it gel, pen or liquid.

She adds: ‘As the liner is thin across the lash line, any eye shape can rock this look.

‘The angle of the wing creates a more almond shaped eye look that is alluring and effortlessly attractive.’

Influencers are demoing the look online, showing just how flattering this lower-set liner look can be.

Draw your liner on outwards, rather than upwards, next time and see how different the effect is on your face.

‘Sleepy eyes’ liner is the makeup trend we can’t stop staring at.

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