Um, Sarah Hyland Is Unrecognizable In This Stunning No-Makeup Selfie

  • Sarah Hyland shared a no-makeup selfie on Instagram Monday.
  • Sarah shared the selfie in response to her friend, Vanessa Hudgens’s no-makeup selfie.
  • Sarah rocks beautiful curls and piercing green eyes in her photo.

Sarah Hyland/Instagram

On Monday, Vanessa Hudgens shared a stunning no-makeup selfie, showcasing her gorgeous curly hair—and now, Sarah Hyland is getting on on the no-makeup photo fun.

In response to Vanessa’s Instagram post, Sarah shared her own no-makeup selfie on her Instagram Stories, and gave a shout-out to Vanessa. “When your friend posts a picture of their curly hair getting wild, so you want to too,” she wrote. “But then you realize you look like a terrifying possessed children’s doll.”

Okay, first of all, Sarah looks nothing like a “terrifying possessed children’s doll.” In the photo—which she looks topless in, tbh—her curls are on point. Sarah’s skin also looks flawless, her eyebrows are thick and groomed, and her piercing green eyes are basically staring into your soul. Overall, she looks ah-maz-ing.

Sarah and Vanessa have actually known each other for years—Vanessa has been friends with Sarah through both of her kidney transplants (ICYMI: Sarah was born with a condition called kidney dysplasia, in which the kidneys grow abnormally in the womb; because of that, Sarah has undergone more than a dozen surgeries.)

Donato SardellaGetty Images

“I remember when she needed her first transplant,” Vanessa told People, when asked about Sarah. “I remember when her body was rejecting it and I remember when she needed her second one.”

But, despite her health issues, Vanessa says Sarah is still “small but mighty.” “I’m so proud of her for being brave to share her story with the world, because it was a very emotional and taxing thing on her,” she said. “She’s just one of the strongest women I know.”

Clearly, Vanessa and Sarah’s bond goes deep—I mean, you don’t just share your no-makeup selfies with just anyone, right?

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