How Prince Charles Hurt Princess Diana More Than We Realize

When Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced, the world got utterly wrapped up in the scandal. No longer was it just royalists paying attention; everyone was on high alert. Once the tabloids got a hold of the truth — a sordid affair, what should have been a private matter went public.

While some mudslinging did occur, Princess Diana walked away from her marriage with her head held high. So naturally, many thought she was taking it all in stride. But, an insider recently shared a tidbit that spoke to just how hurt the doting mother of two was by the rocky end to her marriage. 

Why did Princess Charles and Princess Diana divorce?

When it comes to this royal split, things were probably destined to fall apart. In Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, Sally Bedell Smith shines a light on what led Prince Charles to marry Diana. As it turns out, the Prince of Wales felt his father forced him to marry Princess Diana.

Prince Philip wrote Prince Charles a letter. In it, he told him he was harming Princess Diana’s rep by not taking their relationship to the next level. He gave him an ultimatum: ask for her hand in marriage or end the relationship. Since Prince Charles didn’t marry her out of love, it’s no surprise their marriage didn’t last. The fact that he was still head over heels with another woman was just icing on the cake. 

Prince Charles thought he could learn to love Princess Diana

I don’t see him as a cynical person; he thought he could learn to love Diana as his grandmother and grandfather learned to love each other and had a great marriage. But because of their fundamental incompatibility and the age gap and her emotional turmoil, it was doomed before they walked down the aisle of St Paul’s Cathedral. – Sally Bedell Smith

Prince Charles did believe he could learn to love Princess Diana, but he wasn’t able to get Camilla Parker Bowles out of his head. Eventually, Princess Diana admitted that Prince Charles wasn’t the only one who admitted adultery. Upon hearing the dreadful news, Queen Elizabeth II ordered them to file for a divorce. Sadly, Princess Diana was willing to try to work things out, but there was no way she could defy the queen — at least not on this matter.

The affair had a lasting effect on Princess Diana

Any time a married couple divorces, the experience is devastating. Well, it can be devastating. In the case of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the late Princess of Wales was beyond heartbroken. According to Australian designer Jayson Brunsdon, the fashionista had to completely swear off one brand after bidding her 15-year marriage goodbye.

During an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR, Brunsdon flashbacked to 1996. The job was to style Princess Diana for a hospital charity event in his native Australia. The late princess went into her bedroom and came back with shoes and bags for him to sift through. After carefully considering the bounty before him, Brunsdon settled on a pair of Chanel shoes. When he presented them to her, she quickly shot down the idea.

“Then I said, ‘what do you think?’, so I went through them all and I found a pair of Chanel shoes, and I said, ‘well these would look great with the Versace’ and she said ‘no, I can’t wear linked Cs, the double C’.” – Jayson Brundson

When asked why she couldn’t wear the beloved brand, she responded: “it’s Camilla and Charles.” Isn’t that heartbreaking? Princess Diana was so torn up over the divorce that she couldn’t even wear clothes that rocked their initials. It’s important to note though, that even if Prince Charles may have committed adultery first, he was also torn up over how things ended up. 

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Peppa Pig to get new owner: GI Joe maker Hasbro

Hasbro is going whole hog on Peppa Pig.

The maker of Monopoly and GI Joe will pay about $4 billion to buy Entertainment One Ltd., a British entertainment company that produces “Peppa Pig,” ”PJ Masks” and other animated shows for preschoolers.

“Peppa Pig,” which stars a pink cartoon pig with a British accent, airs worldwide and is translated into over 40 languages.

Shares in Entertainment One jumped 30% in London on Friday.

Hasbro Inc., based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, says the deal will help it turn more of its toy brands into shows or movies. Many of its brands, including My Little Pony and Transformers, already appear in TV shows and movies.

The deal is expected to close before the end of the year.

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Primark, Debenhams and Matalan's opening hours for August Bank Holiday Monday

WITH bank holiday here on our doorstep, you may be starting to rethink your wardrobe for autumn and even winter!

And what better time to go shopping than on the long bank holiday weekend? Here are the August bank holiday opening times for Debenhams, Matalan and Primark…

When is Debenhams open over the bank holiday?

Most Debenhams stores will be open on bank holiday Monday.

Hours are expected to vary depending on the location of the store.

Using their online Store Locator, you can find out if you nearest store is open.

You can also use their interactive map, which is helpful if you are planning a shopping spree in a different location to where you live.

When is Matalan open over the bank holiday?

The majority of Matalan stores will be open in the UK this bank holiday.

Some stores may be working to a revised timetable though, so it is always recommended that you check in advance.

You can do so using their online Store Finder – simply enter your postcode and it will not only tell you where you can locate your nearest store, but what hours they are trading.

When is Primark open over the bank holiday?

Ordinarily, most Primark stores are open between the hours of 9am and 7pm, with the exception of their flagship Oxford Street stores, which are open from 8am to 10pm.

It is likely that most of their UK stores will be trading on bank holiday Monday as usual, though some stores may have revised opening times.

You can find more information on their website about your closest branch and its hours.

We's recommend finding out in advance to save yourself a wasted journey.

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Parents desperate bid to give baby ‘back her childhood’ after tumour diagnosis

When little Elsie Walker came down with an upset tummy her devoted parents had no idea it would be the start of a fight for her life.

Gemma and Mike took their beloved baby girl to their GP when she started vomiting several times a day.

She was initially diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and prescribed antibiotics but when her condition deteriorated a week later her mum and dad went back to the surgery.

While they were waiting to be seen, Elsie had a seizure and was rushed to hospital, which was the start of her and her family's terrifying cancer fight.

She was eventually diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on the base of her skull.

Gemma, 34, an account manager, of Haxby, North Yorkshire, said: "It's not been easy. It really does feel like the rug has been ripped right from under us.

"We were living a relatively quiet and normal life and had it turned completely on its head.

"Luckily, though, the results from her treatment, so far, are positive and it gives us hope to look to the future.

"We want to make some memories for Elsie now, so it doesn't seem like she's missed out on her childhood."

Elsie was born in January 9 last year by emergency caesarean, weighing 10lb 7oz.

She was two weeks overdue and her heartbeat dropped as her mum was giving birth.

But she was a healthy baby until she was 16 months old and couldn't stop being sick. 

Gemma said: "We were sat in the waiting room and suddenly Elsie threw her head back and went completely stiff.

"It felt like it went on for an absolute lifetime, but it was probably more like a minute.

"We had no idea what was happening, but a doctor came through and gave her oxygen and before we knew it, we were in an ambulance, being rushed to the York Hospital."

Doctors carried out a raft of tests but Elsie's seizures didn't stop with the tot now suffering up to 10 a day.

Gemma said: "They were still saying they didn't think it was anything too serious."

But on her third day in hospital Elsie had a 15-minute episode and doctors were now seriously worried.

She was given a general anaesthetic and an MRI scan.

Just an hour later Gemma and Mike, 35, a mental health nurse, were told their daughter had a brain tumour.

Gemma said: "They had discovered a mass on the base of her brain.

"They couldn't tell us much. They alluded to the fact that it might be cancerous but couldn't confirm anything else until we'd seen specialist doctors.

"It knocked the wind right out of us, we were completely bewildered when the doctors told us – it was like we were being punched in the stomach.

"We couldn't comprehend what we were hearing, we still expected it to be related to the UTI somehow, and all of a sudden our world was falling down.

"Words really can't describe the devastation we felt, one seizure changed our lives forever."

Elsie was transferred to Leeds General Infirmary in West Yorkshire for more specialised treatment and diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid on the brain as a result of the tumour, which was causing her seizures.

After two initial procedures lasting two hours each to drain the fluid away, Elsie was scheduled for a 13-hour operation on April 13 to remove as much of the tumour as possible.

Gemma said: "In a sense we couldn't wait for the operation, so that she could start her recovery, but that didn't stop us feeling absolutely terrified."

It was a success with surgeons removing most of the tumour.

But when the biopsy results came back two weeks later they confirmed it was cancerous and had spread to the base of Elsie's skull and spine.

Diagnosed with pilomyxoid astrocytoma, a tumour of the central nervous system, doctors put Elsie on a gruelling 90-week programme of chemotherapy – to start straight away.

Prescribed 12 weeks on and four weeks off to recover in between Gemma said: "It's hard because she's not old enough to understand what's going on. We can't explain that she's poorly and the doctors are trying to fix her.

"We hope that she won't be able to remember everything she's been through, but in another sense, we just want to explain why all these people are pushing and prodding at her."

But with results following the first course of treatment showing the remaining cancer has disappeared in Elsie's spine and shrunk in her brain her parents are hoping the harsh regime will pay off.

Raising over £7,000 between them for Macmillan Cancer Support, who have given them "invaluable help" since Elsie's diagnosis, at the end of July Mike took part in the charity's 'brave the shave' campaign to help boost their fund.

Now, with another year and a half of chemotherapy on the horizon, Gemma and Mike are hoping to ease Elsie back into a "normal routine," as well as planning ahead for things to look forward to in the future.

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Best Popcorn Makers 2019 | The Sun UK

NO matter how big your television or sound system is, nothing quite makes a cinematic experience like popcorn.

In an actual cinema you will be paying around £10 for a bucket of the stuff, which happens to be greasy and full of saturated fat.

But with a home popcorn maker you get the taste of popcorn with much less fat. In fact, most of these makers use hot air instead of oil to cook, creating a tasty hot snack without the added sat fat.

Also, many of the best machines have different modes, so you can have a variety of flavours from salt and butter to sweet.

You can have simple to use ones, simple to clean ones, all the way to large industrial ones if you're a real popcorn enthusiast.

So if you need help narrowing down the best popcorn makers around, take a look at our guide.

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Bethenny Frankel to Exit ‘Real Housewives of New York’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Bethenny Frankel is stepping away from the “Real Housewives” franchise.

Variety has learned exclusively that Frankel is poised to exit Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New York” ahead of its upcoming twelfth season. Frankel first joined the acclaimed reality series back when it premiered back in 2008 before exiting the series in 2010 during the show’s third season. She then rejoined the show during its seventh season in 2015 and has been with it since. She has also made guest appearances on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and starred in the spinoff shows “Bethenny Ever After” and “Bethenny & Fredrik.”

Bravo did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment.

“I have decided to leave the ‘Housewives’ franchise to explore my next chapter,” Frankel said in a statement. “It’s time to move on and focus on my daughter, my philanthropy and my production partnership with Mark Burnett, producing and starring in shows which represent a shift in the conversation for women. With the changes in modern culture, I want to highlight the strength, confidence and unstoppable power that women have. My experience at Bravo has been an incredibly magical ride. I am so grateful to them for highlighting my entrepreneurialism and allowing me to pave the way for many women to achieve their goals. I am excited for my future. The best is yet to come.”

Frankel signed a deal with MGM Television and Mark Burnett back in March under which she will develop unscripted projects that she will executive produce and potentially appear on camera. According to an individual with knowledge of the deal, Frankel has recently taken meetings at both cable networks and streaming platforms to discuss producing new shows under the MGM deal. In addition, Frankel also has her Skinnygirl lifestyle brand and her B Strong charity, which has provided disaster relief to those affected by hurricanes in areas like Houston, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico.

The other main cast members on the most recent season of “RHONY” include Tinsley Mortimer, Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, and Luann de Lesseps.

From the start of the show in 2008, Frankel was its breakout star. She was smart and funny, and appeared to be in on the joke. She was also not afraid to fight with the other cast members, leading to some of the show’s most quoted and GIF’d moments. She went from being a struggling natural foods chef to a mogul. After she returned to the show in 2015 after her five-year hiatus, RHONY’s ratings went up. But more important, the show once again became a fan favorite, which is what “Housewives” shepherd Andy Cohen, the former Bravo executive-turned-talk-show-host-and-producer, sought when he asked her to come back.

Frankel has never shied away from showing her life on TV, including revealing the painful toll her ugly divorce and custody fight has taken on her as well as how devastated she was after the death of her on again/off again boyfriend Dennis Shields in August 2018.

Kate Aurthur contributed to this report. 


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Review: ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ remake should have aimed higher

As an exploration of post-traumatic stress disorder in US war veterans, the psychological thriller “Jacob’s Ladder” was ripe for an update. As a piece of enjoyable ’90s shock schlock, it maybe should have just stayed where it was.

The 1990 original, from director Adrian Lyne, starred a pre-“Shawshank” Tim Robbins as a Vietnam vet hallucinating his way through 1970s New York. Here, director David M. Rosenthal (“The Perfect Guy”) adapts the same screenplay with a necessarily new twist, but also a lower level of imaginative mental chaos.

This version’s Jacob (Michael Ealy) is a former Army surgeon who served in Afghanistan. He’s now married and a new dad, and working in an Atlanta VA hospital where patients are exhibiting strange psychotic symptoms. One vet claims Jacob’s late brother Isaac (Jesse Williams) is actually alive and living in the subway tunnels, sending Jacob on an underworld odyssey where he begins to experience his own worrying, demonic visions.

Lyne may have been a sexist sensationalist (so many writhing, scantily clad women, from “Flashdance” to “9 ½ Weeks” to “Fatal Attraction”), but at least the first “Ladder’s” Elizabeth Peña had some fun as Jacob’s saucy girlfriend Jezebel. Here Nicole Beharie (“Black Mirror”) has little to do other than furrow her brow as the protagonist’s concerned wife.

Ealy and Williams dig into their roles as the golden boy and the prodigal son, and every so often Rosenthal gets in a genuine scare. But as the plot moves forward, it loses interest in the metaphysical torment that made the original so gripping. The drug called “the ladder” remains, but now it doesn’t lead anywhere you’d be dying to go.

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Gems from Jon Batiste's gig at jazz mecca

The Village Vanguard has been a mecca for jazz musicians and fans for more than 80 years.

And recording a live album there is something of a rite of passage for serious musicians, so it is no surprise that Jon Batiste’s second issue on the Verve label is a distillation of a six-night gig at the famed New York venue late last year.

At 36 minutes, this compact album runs a bit short, which begs the question of what was edited out.

It certainly cannot have been the quality of the music that was on offer. Backed by bassist Phil Kuehn and drummer Joe Saylor, and aided by a rotating roster of guests including saxophonists Patrick Bartley and Tivon Pennicott, the five tracks offer an eclectic blend of Batiste originals and two standards.

The Very Thought Of You is rearranged in classic Batiste fashion: The pianist offers velvety chords while guest singer Rachael Price coos in her husky mezzo for a sweet but not saccharine take on the ballad.

The opening track Creative offers Thelonius Monk-inspired fractured chords, and Batiste also takes on Round Midnight with elegant assurance, polishing off the jagged edges with gentler musical phrases than the master. It is such a pleasure to listen to a young talent who has obviously listened closely to the giants who came before.



Jon Batiste


Rating: 3.5 Stars

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Here’s What To Do During A Breakup To Make It Easier On You Both

Whether or not you see a breakup coming, it’s impossible to truly prepare yourself for what it will feel like. Ending a relationship with someone you care about can cause a lot of pain, even if you know in your heart that it needed to happen. If you’re struggling with what to do during a breakup, you’re not alone — many people find themselves overwhelmed by complex feelings as they start the healing process. But there’s one thing you can do to make things easier on yourself and your ex-partner — and it might be the opposite of what you think will help you most.

When I’ve gone through breakups before, my gut reaction has been to cancel all my plans and block out a good two weeks to sit on the couch and eat ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s is the best form of therapy, right? As it turns out, inactivity won’t always help you nurse your wounds and begin to move on. Breakup expert Kate Galt tells Elite Daily that the real key to feeling better is getting out and doing things. “Staying busy will help you and your ex-partner and all those who are mourning the loss of love,” she explains. “The grieving heart needs self love [and] healthy community.”

Galt explains that the more you can fill your calendar with fun plans and outings with friends, the more you can start to remember what it’s like to have a life outside of your former relationship. “When it’s time to stay busy and let the mind grief relax, we are getting out of our head and into the flow of life,” Galt says. “We are participating in the world, which brings us new experiences and possibilities. When we are challenged and competent in the stuff we stay busy [with], then we are even more happy and resilient to the changes around us.”

Try to think about things you love to do — hobbies, favorite places, fun events coming up — and force yourself to get out of the house and have these experiences. It might be difficult at first to imagine doing things without a partner, but once you realize what you’re capable of, you can begin to let go and have fun again.

This doesn’t mean you should keep your schedule so packed that you don’t have the emotional space to process what has happened. Galt says that even your personal time can be used productively, so you aren’t just a slave to negative thoughts in your mind. “When it’s time to think, we can do so in a loving way,” she explains. “We can cry, write about our thoughts, and talk with friends about what’s happening for us after the huge change of a breakup.” When you’re stuck in a loop of sad feelings, try journaling about everything that’s on your mind. This will help you process your thoughts in a helpful way rather than wallowing in despair.

As you stay busy doing things you love, try to take a clean break from communicating with your ex. Samantha Burns, dating coach and author of Breaking Up and Bouncing Back, suggests cutting off contact for 90 days after you end the relationship. “It takes time and healthy boundaries to fall out of love,” she explains. “Don’t put any pressure on yourself to remain friends, especially not within those first 90 days when the feelings are not truly platonic. No one goes from lovers to friends overnight.” You may be truly hoping for a friendly relationship with your ex — and that’s great! — but trying to be friends too quickly may only make you feel more confused. Take some space to reconnect with other friends who can support you through the breakup.

As much as you might want to lie around doing nothing, it’s best for both you and your ex if you stay busy living your individual lives. “Follow your bliss and don’t check in with your ex,” Galt advises. Use this time of change as an opportunity to focus on what really matters to you, and to give yourself the love you truly deserve. You’ll be bouncing back in no time.

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Returning Revenge Body Participant Tells Khloe Kardashian What Was Holding Her Back Last Season

Allison is back! And this year, she’s finishing what she started.

The season 2 participant returns for a second shot at transformation (with her mom Kim in tow) in this clip from Sunday’s season finale of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian. As Allison recaps at the new clip’s start, she and her husband began training under workout guru Latreal Mitchell last season, though only Chad completed the full 12-week journey.

“Unfortunately, I was not able to continue my journey ’cause of a lot of emotional baggage that I was carrying,” Allison explains now, adding that once she left the show, she gained back the weight she’d lost during her time with Latreal because she “was really sad.” Even so, she tells the camera, “I just felt like Revenge Body wasn’t over for me.” And she was right!

“I want to finish what I started,” she continues, noting her optimism about Kim’s upcoming journey as well. “I want to give her an opportunity where she can become the woman she’s always wanted to be,” she adds, just as the clip cuts to a quick conversation between the mother-daughter duo before their first sit-down with Khloe Kardashian.

“I’m scared,” Kim admits. Placing a comforting hand on mom’s shoulder, her daughter smiles back and says, “Don’t be scared,” before making her way over to Khloe.

“I know you took [the show] seriously last time, I just think it wasn’t the right time,” the host suggests once they’ve gotten reacquainted, and Allison agrees.

Revenge Body taught me that every choice you make in life will always manifest itself physically,” she acknowledges, explaining that in this case, the “choice” to stay silent about a past assault (even to her loved ones) had her stuck in the past and unable to take control of her health and overall wellness. When she did eventually open up to her family, Allison tells Khloe it was “life-changing to just let it out.”

“But to have the courage to do that,” the host replies. “So inspiring. And I admire you.”

Hear their conversation in full in the clip above! 

Watch the season finale of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian Sunday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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