Boston COVID doctor dies in Pakistan on mountaineering trip

Boston COVID doctor and Harvard lecturer, 56, dies in Pakistan as he climbs one of the world’s highest mountains Dr Alex Goldfarb-Rumyantzev was climbing Pastore Peak near K2 in Karakoram mountains when he went missing on Saturday  His body was discovered on Monday by Pakistani military after apparent fall  Goldfarb and

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Who is Douglas Emhoff's ex-wife Kerstin?

KERSTIN Emhoff is a film producer who is the former wife of Douglas Emhoff. Douglas Emhoff is married Kamala Harris, who began serving as vice president of the US on January 20, 2021. Read our Inauguration Day 2021 live blog for the very latest news and updates on Joe Biden's

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Does Joe Biden have a stammer?

Joe Biden delivers speech at his inauguration President Biden will guide the US through the next four years as he attempts to reunite a fractured country and repair damage done by the devastating Covid pandemic. Voters handed the former vice a legislative superhighway through Congress, which he will use to

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