3OH!3 Tease First New Music In Four Years

Electronic duo 3OH!3 have teased new music on social media after a four-year gap.

The Denver-based duo, consisting of Sean Foreman and Nat Motte, captioned their post, “NEW. MUSIC. SOON.”

The trailer features scenes from their crowded concerts and clips from hits such as “Donttrustme,” “Starstrukk,” featuring Katy Perry, and “My First Kiss,” a collab with Kesha. It also contains a teaser to new music.

The band’s previous album was Night Sports in 2016, containing songs including, “Mad at You” and “Claustraphobia.”

According to a statement shared by Alternative Press, Motte said, “We’ve been a lot of places since we started making music together in a University of Colorado dorm room in 2003.”

He then explained that it was time to return to their roots and deliver more 3OH!3-centered material over working on other artists’ music, saying, “After having worked on a lot of other peoples’ music in the recent years, we wanted to come back to our own music as 3OH!3 and rekindle that energy.”

No release date has been confirmed as of yet for their return.

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