90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh Secretly BETRAYS Jenny Slatten!

Past traumas came back to haunt the couples on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 12.

First, Sumit began to get cold feet, and explained to Jenny that it's because of his ex-wife.

Jenny understood that. What she will never understand is how he went behind her back and betrayed her.

Biniyam had a heart-to-heart with Ariela's mom … where he admitted that he routinely lies to Ari.

Corey and Evelin had diametrically opposed ideas about the wedding ceremony.

Victor showed Ellie where he and his sister huddled to survive, but that trauma still haunts him … and it's impacting their relationship.

Kenneth and Armando received their families as guests ahead of the wedding.

While Armando grappled with his father's reluctance, Kenneth's family expressed reservations of a very different kind.

1.Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh

2.Khalid once again has good news


4.But wait, there's more

5.Hooray! Right?

6.To his credit, he opens up to Jenny about it

7.Sumit promises to work on it

8.Jenny and Sumit go see a marriage attorney

9.Let's gooooo!

10.Oh boy

11.Later, Sumit checks in with a friend

12.Sumit voices his fears

13.Neeraj states the obvious

14.Sumit drops a bombshell


16.Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

17.So … did he cheat?


19.Janice believes him …

20.Biniyam confesses to habitual lying

21.Biniyam says that he understands

22.Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

23.But what kind of ceremony do they want?

24.Corey totally disagrees

25.Evelin explains how her family views marriage as "forever"

26.Evelin wants to keep her options open

27.They iron out some wedding details

28.But the ceremony question continues

29.Evelin has an idea for the officiant: her sister, Lesly

30.Ellie Rose and Victor McLean

31.Victor takes Ellie to his sister's house

32.Back home, they happily talk about the future

33.Maybe it's time to bring it up again?

34.Everything falls apart


36.Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

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