911 Call Reveals Eminems Ex-Wife Asked Not to Call Cops After Suicide Attempt

In the audio recording released by Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, Kim Scott reportedly tried to take her own life by taking ‘a bunch of pills’ and ‘cutting herself.’

AceShowbiz -New harrowing details of Kim Scott’s recent hospitalization have been unveiled as audio of a 911 call made by her friend has been released by authority. In the audio, a woman called the emergency line from Eminem‘s ex-wife’s Michigan house and asked for help following her suicide attempt.

In the recording released by Macomb County Sheriff’s Office and obtained by The Sun on Tuesday, August 24, the female caller told the dispatcher that Kim had “tried killing herself after taking a bunch of pills.” In the audio clip, the unidentified woman added that “there’s blood everywhere on the bathroom floor.”

The male dispatcher wondered if Kim was conscious to which the woman answered, “She is, she’s yelling at me not to call the police.” When asked if Kim had a gun, knife, or other weapons which resulted in blood, the woman replied, “She had the door locked and she wouldn’t let me in. And I kept telling her, ‘I’m coming in, I’m coming in.’ “

“I broke the handle off and she was laying on the floor saying, ‘Don’t call the police, don’t call the police,’ ” the woman continued. The caller went on to reveal that Kim “took a bunch of pills” and “cut herself.” She also claimed that the 46-year-old told her, “I left a note.”

Kim was rushed to the hospital after attempting to take her life on July 30. According to the police report, she “attempted to strike the responding officer” and that she had “difficulty speaking, was slurring her speech and later fluctuated in various levels of consciousness.”

The report continued detailing that Kim was sitting on her bathroom floor with an “unidentified object” in her hands. She also had a “large amount of smeared blood” due to “several small lacerations on the back of her legs.” Of her suicide note, the report claimed that there was a “small cardboard shipping box” with “haphazard messages” written out to members of her family.

Kim’s suicide attempt happened only a few days after her mother Kathleen Sluck’s funeral. The matriarch passed away on July 23. Kim was reported to have undergone a medical and psychological evaluation at the hospital, but is now at home recovering.

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