Antonio Brown Ruled Out for Upcoming Football Game After Fake Vaccination Card Controversy

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver, who suffers from ankle injury, is officially ruled out of the ‘Monday Night Football’ matchup by the Bucs though his team confirmed his vaccination card is real and ‘reviewed.’

AceShowbizAntonio Brown will not play at the upcoming Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ game against the New York Giants. The wide receiver was officially ruled out of the Bucs’ “Monday Night Football” matchup after his fake vaccination card controversy.

The 33-year-old athlete, who had a tumultuous week after being accused of using a fake COVID-19 vaccination card, hasn’t played since Week 6 as he suffered an ankle injury in Buccaneers’ win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Bucs coach Bruce Arians said that the Florida native didn’t practice with the team all week, though he’s one of several injured players who were improving.

As his absence from the upcoming game sparked concern about whether or not his vaccination card is real and “reviewed” as per the Bucs’ statement, Brown’s lawyer, Sean Burtsyn, stated that Brown is fully vaccinated as he took the pandemic seriously.

“Antonio Brown appreciates the severity of the pandemic, which is why he got the vaccine and supports everyone for whom it is advisable to get the vaccine,” Burtsyn said. “Coronavirus has hit close to home as it took him out of a game.”

Burtsyn further explained that Antonio “is healthy, vaccinated, and ready to win another Super Bowl.” The attorney stressed, “One of the worst parts of the pandemic has been a movement to cast doubt on our country’s vaccination programs with baseless, vindictive tabloid gossip.”

Brown was accused by his former live-in chef, Steven Ruiz, of obtaining a fake COVID-19 vaccination card. According to a report, Ruiz claimed he received a text message from Brown’s girlfriend, Cydney Moreau, in early July that indicated Brown was willing to pay $500 for a fake Johnson & Johnson vaccination card.

The publication also provided a screenshot of the alleged text message conversation between Ruiz and Moreau. In it, Moreau said, “Can you get the COVID cards?” to which Ruiz responded, “I can try.” Moreau then replied, “JNJ shot. AB said he would give you $500.”

In the wake of the allegations, the Bucs released a statement via Twitter, noting the franchise received completed vaccination cards from all players during the offseason and submitted all necessary information to the NFL. “Buccaneers statement regarding Tampa Bay Times report,” the post stated.

“After an extensive educational process conducted throughout our organization this past offseason highlighting the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines, we received completed vaccination cards from all Tampa Bay Buccaneers players and submitted the required information to the NFL through the established process in accordance with league policy,” so read the statement. “All vaccination cards were reviewed by Buccaneers personnel and no irregularities were observed.”

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