Apple Charges Up to $600 to Fix an iPhone — These Cases Will Protect it For As Little As $12

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The average person picks up their phone 96 times per day according to a study conducted by the research firm Asurion, which means there are dozens of opportunities for you to accidentally drop yours on the ground. If you’re an iPhone owner whose device is out of warranty, you could be looking at a repair bill that can set you back up to $600 depending on which model you have.

The easiest way to avoid this unwelcome charge is to keep your phone iPhone in a case. We’ve found four cases that can substantially reduce the chances of your phone getting damaged if you accidentally drop it. Keep in mind these cases will mostly protect the back and sides of your phone, so you’ll want to pair it with a screen protector to cover its display.

What Are the Best iPhone Cases?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best iPhone case for you; below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Materials: The cases in our guide are made out of either ultra durable plastic or leather, both of which can insulate your phone from damage if it falls.

Phone compatibility: All of the cases below are available for a wide variety of iPhone models, although we’re highlighting ones designed for the iPhone 11 Pro.



Style: Many of our iPhone case recommendations are the typical single-piece style cases you’re probably used to, but we’ve also included an ultra durable multi-piece case and a folio case to give you more options.

Wireless Charging: The iPhone cases below are all compatible with wireless chargers, but the thicker ones will reduce your iPhone’s wireless charging speed significantly.


Facebook / OtterBox

OtterBox has been making ultra protective cases since the original iPhone launched in 2007, and its DEFENDER model has earned the top slot in our guide.

It’s made out of a durable poly carbonate plastic, and comes in four pieces that snap into one another for multi-layered protection. The DEFENDER comes with a port cover to keep dirt and dust from messing up your iPhone’s Lightning port or mute switch.

The case’s textured sides make your iPhone easier to grip, and its raised buttons allow you to adjust the phone’s volume without taking it out of your pocket.

OtterBox bundles this case with a belt clip holster that serves two purposes. First, you can clip it onto your pants to keep your iPhone from falling. Second, the clip can be turned onto its side, and used as a mini kickstand, which makes it more comfortable to watch videos when you’re sitting at a table.

This is the most protective case in our guide, but it’s also the thickest and heaviest one we’re recommending. This means it’ll take up the most space in your pocket, and will make wireless charging a lot slower.

If you’re alright with those two trade offs, OtterBox’s DEFENDER is the best iPhone case available right now.

OtterBox DEFENDER, $30.03, available at Amazon

BEST ENTRY-LEVEL PICK: Spigen Liquid Crystal


Spigen’s Liquid Crystal case offers a fair amount of protection in an ultra-thin design.

The case is made out of a single layer of flexible clear plastic. Spigen touts that the case is only .12-inches thin, and won’t impact your iPhone’s wireless charging speed very much. It only offers basic protection — think drops on carpets, or hard wood floor from a short distance — but won’t take up too much room in your pocket.

Two extra features worth noting are the case’s raised buttons, which makes them easier to find in your pocket, and the raised lip around the iPhone’s camera. Modern iPhones have a camera bump, so this feature ensures yours won’t get damaged if your phone falls flat on its back.

It may not be the most protective choice in our guide, but using Spigen’s Liquid Crystal case may still help you avoid a hefty repair bill.

Spigen Liquid Crystal, $11.99, available at Amazon

BEST FOLIO: Twelve South BookBook


Twelve South’s BookBook is a leather folio case that can help protect your phone, and leave your wallet at home.

This case has two pieces: a standalone leather case, which fits over the back of your phone, and a cover with a wallet on one side. Both parts have magnets built into them, so your case-clad phone will stay attached to the folio piece in or out of your pocket. The picture above illustrates how you would place your iPhone into the folio.

Keeping the BookBook whole will protect both sides of your phone it falls out of your pocket, or gets knocked off of a table. The folio contains four slots for your credit cards or ID, and a side pocket for holding cash.

The inside of the BookBook’s folio has a microfiber lining to prevent your phone’s screen from scratching when its closed, and Twelve South says all of the leather used for this case will patina (age) well, and only get better looking over time. You can use the BookBook with a wireless charger if you separate it from the folio piece, but won’t if you keep them together.

Twelve South’s BookBook is a two-in-one case that lets you choose how much protection you’d like your iPhone to have each time you leave the house.

Twelve South BookBook, $55.99, available at Amazon

BEST LOOKING: Casetify Ultra Impact


The point of using an iPhone case is to keep your phone from getting damaged, but that doesn’t mean it can’t reflect your sense of style.

Casetify’s Ultra Impact case is made out of a custom material called “qitech,” which the company says is durable enough to prevent your phone from getting damaged if it falls from a height of up to 9.8 feet. Its corners have an extra layer of protection because that’s the most vulnerable part of your iPhone.

You can customize the Ultra Impact case by adding up to 12 characters of text to the back of it using a tool on Casetify’s site. You’re able to choose the color, typeface, and layout of the text to make your case really stand out. I’ve used a handful of Casetify’s cases and have had no issues with wireless charging, so you shouldn’t have a problem either.

If you’ve avoided using a case because it detracts from the look of your phone, Casetify’s Ultra Impact will keep it protected while suiting your sense of style.

Casetify Ultra Impact, $45, available at Casetify (Save $6.45 with the promo code ROLLINGSTONE15)

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