Ariana Grande: Stay home, the spookiest thing on Halloween is the pandemic

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Ariana Grande has been telling her fans since the beginning of the pandemic to socially distance, to stay home and not to party. She’s consistently been a thoughtful, decent human being when it comes to this issue and a lot of other issues frankly. I appreciate how she’s grown as a person. I just wanted to talk about her post warning to fans not to party on Halloween. She posted an adorable photo of a black kitten dressed as a bat (that’s below!) with this message:

happy best day of the year everyone ! 🦇 please dress up, take photos, get in your pjs and stay your asses home bc the spookiest thing going on tonight is still this massive pandemic.

Yes exactly! My town had a haunted house, the same as last year. Every time I saw the signs for it I was thinking “well the fact that you can die a couple weeks later is the scary part.”

Ariana also retweeted and responded to Tinashe’s message not to party:

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) October 31, 2020

We just saw Kim Kardashian throw a big party on a private island, but worse than that her stupid sister, Kendall, had a Halloween party inside at a bar! That’s just outrageous.

I continue to be amazed and horrified by the way people are behaving, particularly people I used to hang out with. I just saw photos from a Halloween party I attended last year, held again this year, again inside with no masks in sight and people not socially distancing. There were less then ten people there but that’s still not ok. Around April I stopped talking to them when I could tell they were not taking covid seriously. Obviously if those people are partying maskless inside they’re just as lax about seeing other people and I know they’re not in a bubble. It sucks. I miss them and being with people, but I doubt I’ll ever see them again socially, even when this is over. There are some things you can’t forget or get over. On the bright side I’ve met about 20 women from all over the world who I have more in common with than I considered possible in friends. We did a Zoom Halloween party and it was a blast.

Also I was going to do a whole post about how the US just set the record in single day coronavirus cases, but it’s just sad and angering and awful. F’ck these people hanging out in person like nothing is wrong. It’s coming from the top though, you can be sure.

A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

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