Beyoncé Fan Who Screamed During Harry Styles' AOTY Win Identified

Harry Styles winning over Beyoncé didn’t sit well for many online, and one guy in the building wasn’t pleased either — screaming in indignation … and outing himself as the yeller.

You might’ve noticed somebody briefly interrupted HS’s acceptance speech Sunday after he won Album of the Year for ‘Harry’s House’ — an honor many felt should’ve gone to Queen Bey for her smash hit, ‘Renaissance’ … and who made their opinion heard on Twitter.

However, the outrage clearly made its way into Arena … with one dude shouting “BEYONCEEEEE” while Harry was giving his thanks at the end of the show.

At first, it wasn’t clear who had screamed it or from where … but now, the fella has ID’d himself — posting a video from the nosebleeds, where he was sitting, which shows the moment he made his protest. Turns out, the Beyoncé superfan’s a journalist from Philly.

His name’s Ernest Owens, and he writes for Philadelphia Magazine — it also sounds like he’s won an award or two … plus, the guy’s verified on the bird app. So, not just a total nobody.

Clearly, Owens wasn’t happy with who the biggest award of the night went to … and he continued to express his outrage after posting his scream video — throwing up another clip that shows people filing out of the building during the final performance (post-Harry win).

He also wrote this, “Off to the #GRAMMYs after-party I go. Industry is completely speechless. If TV award shows die after this, I wouldn’t be surprised. They exploit diverse talent for ratings only for them to play these games.”

Owens added, “It’s been over 20 years since a Black woman won Album of the Year.”

It’s interesting … you could argue this is in the same ballpark as Kanye West taking the microphone away from Taylor Swift during the 2009 VMAs and sticking up for Beyoncé in passionate terms — albeit, from a distance and perhaps without so much theatrics.

There’s also a lot of noise about the fact that Harry said this type of thing doesn’t usually happen to “people like me” — with the Internet collectively scratching their heads.

Many would say it actually does happen quite often — namely, a white person getting a big award over the People’s true choice, who may or may not be Black … and, in this case, was.

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