Blueface, Chrisean Rock's 'Wedding' Seems to Just Be a Video Shoot

Chrisean Rock has hinted at getting married to Blueface, but it seems the wedding might’ve just been for show … or for the camera, rather.

The volatile couple were seen on what appears to be a set Friday — the day CR said she’d be saying “I do” during a visit to a bridal shop in DTLA. A lot of photos/clips have since leaked showing what they were up to, and it looks like they were shooting a music video.

You can see BF suited and booted in a white tux, surrounded by a group of pals — one of whom is actually a fellow rapper, DDG. You can also hear music playing in the background as they pose in front of a professional video camera … the telltale signs this is a production.

In other words, the whole idea of actual nuptials that Chrisean was teasing doesn’t seem to have gone down in reality — although, they certainly went all out to make it feel authentic.

Chrisean was decked out in a white bridal gown … which she presumably picked up the day we were told she was talking out loud about all this. And then, there’s the ring … a purported photo of which has since been posted — and it has all the sparkle of a damn nice rock.

Meanwhile, on social media … Chrisean and Blueface have been posting clips of what seems to be new music on the way from both of them — so it all adds that this is just make-believe.

blueface hotchocolatentea  instagram post

Of course, the interesting thing about this is the fact that Blueface and Chrisean are on solid terms once again … this just a week after a massive blowup/breakup that spelled trouble to the outside world. Remember, she announced she was pregnant — and Blueface denied it was his/dumped her.

Shortly thereafter, they were involved in a scuffle on the street … and things looked bad.

It would appear they’ve made up again and are back to work. Not only are they romantically involved, but Blue and Chrisean obviously have a working relationship too … their reality show, and joint projects as well. So, it probably isn’t so easy for either to just walk away.

In any case, here’s hoping they can be peaceful and civil with one another … which is all that anyone wants out of these two, really. Congrats … ish.

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