Casualty’s Amanda Mealing reveals she suffered PTSD after breast cancer ordeal

Casualty star Amanda Mealing has revealed the PTSD she suffered after her breast cancer ordeal was so bad she once collapsed at the studios of sister show Holby City.

The actress, 52, was diagnosed with the anxiety condition five years after her 2002 battle, in which she had a mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy.

Talking of her collapse, she said: “I literally crumbled down on my haunches at the steps, going up to reception. And there were only five steps and I couldn’t make it up.”

Amanda admits she rushed back to a hectic work schedule and “didn’t deal with the psychological aspect” of her diagnosis and battle.

She said: “At the time I couldn’t because I’d just had, what I call, my hand-to-hand combat of fighting the cancer, so I didn’t have time to look at my emotional and psychological state.

"My husband said, ‘This is going to come back and bite us on the arse years down the line’. And it did.”

Her experience echoes that of her popular Casualty character Connie Beauchamp, who she first played in Holby.

Connie has been battling PTSD since an assault earlier this year and viewers will see her hit crisis point this Saturday.

Amanda said therapy helped her cope with her own symptoms, adding: “It does work. If you have been through trauma, it is essential.

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