Chloe Madeley returned to work 8 weeks after giving birth due to money

Chloe Madeley spends time with daughter Bodhi

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Chloe Madeley and husband James Haskell welcomed their first child, daughter Bodhi, six months ago. Today the daughter of Richard and Judy detailed her regret at returning to work after just eight weeks.

The 35-year-old confirmed money was the catalyst for her swift return, despite her spouse, 37, bringing in a “great income”.

However, the personal trainer said the couple do not have a joint bank account.

She said her pride was at a fault in regards getting back to the day job after becoming a mum.

Chloe has now said she would have liked more time with her little girl before reality resumed.

Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, the fitness fan revealed next time will be different.

She commented: “James obviously makes a great income and he’s my partner and that’s fantastic, but we don’t have a joint account

“We’ve always had separate accounts and I think that’s a bit of a pride thing with me.”

The star continued: “Next time, if I get pregnant again, I’m absolutely not doing it.

“I will swallow my pride, I will jump in on James’ account and take at least six months.”

Chloe has been throwing herself into Zoom workouts and consultations with clients.

Her success has seen her “pretty much” working seven days a week.

This comes after she didn’t stop working until she was 39 weeks pregnant.

She added: “If you’re self-employed it’s tough, but really take your time going back to work – that was a hard lesson for me.”

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Chloe spent a “long time” unsure whether she wanted children, and panicked in her third trimester that she’d made the wrong decision.

But everything changed as soon as Bodhi was born, and she says she has fully taken to being a mum.

James previously informed her he wasn’t going to “slow down” career wise after becoming a dad.

She recalled him saying: “I’m really driven by work. I’m financially driven. I’m definitely in this with you, but I’m not going to slow down, so please don’t expect me at any point to be a stay-at-home dad.”

Her candid chat comes just weeks after Chloe shared how Bodhi had been taken to hospital.

She said her daughter had been “poorly”, resulting in hospitalisations on two occasions.

Chloe wrote on Instagram: “Her temperature went from 39.8 [degree Celsius] on Saturday morning to 34 [degree Celsius] on Sunday night, so I was extremely worried about meningitis and sepsis, but blood tests show it’s just the Flu Type A Virus.

“I say just, wow has she been unwell. I’m amazed at how much it has impacted my sleep and work load, and how hard the last five days have been.”

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