Chris Evans to undergo surgery as he misses Virgin Radio show for second week in a row

Chris Evans ‘had kidney stones’ reveals Sam Pinkham

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Chris Evans has been noticeably absent from his breakfast show on Virgin Radio, after the radio DJ was rushed to hospital last week. It comes as the presenter mistook his symptoms for trapped wind, before being diagnosed with kidney stones.

The 54-year-old spent two nights in hospital following his trip to A&E, after suffering crippling stomach pains.

Chris told how he had an ultrasound and CT scans which showed he had a large kidney stone, which doctors monitored for 48 hours before he was sent home last week.

The Virgin Radio’s on-air replacement Sam Pinkham has now given an update on his colleague’s health today.

Speaking on the show, he said: “Loads of messages coming in for Chris, which is always lovely to hear because obviously you’re as concerned for him as we are.

“Just to let you know what happened, he was taken into hospital last weekend with kidney stones. He was off last week hoping that they would pass naturally.”

He continued: “Whenever you tell people off-air that Chris has got kidney stones, they all do the same thing and go: ‘Ooh’.

“Women have said that passing kidney stones can be more painful than childbirth. So poor, poor Chris.”

Sharing details of Chris’ surgery, Sam added: “Last Friday he had a procedure using ultrasound to try and break them up but that hasn’t worked.


“So he’s going to have an operation now – a minor operation – but still an operation to have them removed.”

While no date for the op was given, Chris has previously addressed his absence while at home recovering.

The Virgin Radio host had suffered from “crippling” stomach pains, which he thought would pass in due course.

“I thought I had trapped wind and general ‘man pain’ most of Saturday,” Chris explained to The Sun.


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“I took paracetamol and waited for nature to take its course… that didn’t happen.”

He continued: “Late Saturday night my wife called 111 and we were advised to go to A&E. Which we did.

“After an ultrasound scan and CT scan, it was clear I had a kidney stone on the move.”

Chris explained he was admitted to a ward where he was treated but the stone was not removed.

He confirmed that he would have to return to the hospital if the stone didn’t come out of its accord.

Virgin Radio listeners expressed their disappointment at Chris’ absence while also wishing him well on Twitter.

One tweeted: “Where’s our Chris? Hope he is ok,” and another said: “No Chris again? When is he back?”

It is yet to be confirmed when Chris will return to his radio show.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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