Dan Walker: BBC presenter sets record straight as to why Olympics coverage suddenly ends

Dan Walker’s dig to Sam Quek over hockey defeat

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BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker, 44, took to Twitter today to enlighten viewers about how the broadcaster covers the Olympic Games, after a social media user asked why the opening titles play every time they swap presenters. The former host of Football Focus is currently commentating from BBC’s Tokyo Olympics studio, which is based in Salford, alongside co-host Sam Quek, and was happy to explain to keen viewers why the Olympic titles feature heavily in the broadcasting.

You just need a junction for everyone to change seats / sanitise and move on the with sport…

Dan Walker

One eagle-eyed viewer put their question onto the social media platform ahead of it being spotted by the presenter.

They wrote: “Can anyone explain why the BBC Olympics coverage show suddenly ends when they swap presenter, then they play the opening titles of the Olympics and it starts all over again?

“Why don’t they just hand over to the next presenter and carry on?”

After seeing the query, Dan took it upon himself to explain why the opening titles were a key part of the transition.

The sports reporter revealed that the repeat of opening titles was down to coronavirus safety measures.

He replied: “Good question.

“It’s because the team in the gallery (editor, director, producers etc) all change and occasionally the camera team on the studio floor to do.

“You just need a junction for everyone to change seats / sanitise and move on the with sport…”(sic) he explained.

After the social media user thanked the BBC host for the explanation, Dan went on to admit that the show doesn’t always go according to plan.

He wrote: “I wish you could come in and watch the show love.

“At times it’s the most manic, seat of your pants, off the cuff madness and I LOVE IT”, Dan added.

Commenting on Dan’s explanation, viewers took to the comments to remark on the rationale the presenter gave.

One wrote: “So, basically common sense and logic then. Which is the same for a lot of decisions the BBC makes that some people don’t understand.”

Another penned: “Would help if BBC showed more live coverage.

“Tune to @Eurosport_UK constantly to watch actual live events such as Athletics.”

While another wondered if the transitions were more seamless before the pandemic: “Did this look smoother pre-Covid?”

Yesterday, Dan shared a picture of his wardrobe blunder while in the BBC’s Olympics studio, as he cheekily flouted the broadcaster’s rules about wearing green on air.

Dan demonstrated the issue in view of his 721,000 followers, as he was left looking like he had a “floating head” due to his green shirt, as a result of the green screen used in the studio.

The presenter’s torso had disappeared in the snap as he sat in front of the studio’s virtual reality backdrop of Tokyo with Sam.

He wrote alongside the picture: “I found out today why we aren’t allowed to wear green in the BBC Olympics studio.”

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