David Crosby And The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn Mending Fences After Documentary

David Crosby and The ByrdsRoger McGuinn have ended their beef following the release of a new documentary based on Crosby’s life.

In the documentary, David Crosby: Remember My Name, the rocker opens up about feuds with his old bandmates Neil Young, Graham Nash, and Stephen Stills as well as McGuinn. In the doc, Crosby says that McGuinn “really dislikes” him.

“I still have friends, but all of the guys I made music with won’t even talk to me. One of them hating my guts could be an accident. But McGuinn, Nash, Neil and Stephen all really dislike me. Strongly. I don’t know quite to how to undo it,” Crosby says in the documentary.

However, McGuinn responded to Crosby’s claim directly on Twitter, saying he does not hate him.

“Hey @thedavidcrosby you’re saying I won’t talk to you and hate you. That’s just not true!” he tweeted.

Crosby quickly responded to McGuinn positively and suggested a possible onstage collaboration.

“Thanks Roger ….must have got you mixed up with those other guys …so ..want to do a couple of Byrd’s dates ? I’ll just sing harmony …no talking ….?” Crosby asked on twitter.

Last month, Crosby had revealed that he would consider a reunion with his old bandmates during an appearance on “The Tonight Show” to promote the documentary.

“If they want to do that, you know, like a ‘Get Out the Vote’ tour, something like that, I’d jump on it,” Crosby said at the show.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young was formed in 1968 and last played together in 2015.

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