Drake Tried to Console Kevin Durant After Devastating Achilles Injury

While the rest of the Toronto crowd was CHEERING Kevin Durant‘s horrible Achilles injury during Game 5 of the NBA Finals … Drake was actually really upset — and even tried to console the NBA star. 

KD’s right calf popped midway through the 2nd quarter as the Golden State Warriors took on the Toronto Raptors … and it was pretty obvious the injury was serious. 

Raptors fans cheered as if the injury was a GOOD thing (gross) — but you can see Drake was obviously devastated for his friend. 

As Durant hobbled past the rapper to get to the locker room, Drake reached out and grabbed KD’s shoulder while offering up some words. 

You can see Drake mouth the word, “F*ck” as he realizes Durant’s injury is really bad. 

After the game, it was reported KD will miss the rest of the finals because of the injury — the real question is how much of next season will he miss?

Durant posted a statement on the situation saying, “Dub nation gonna be loud as f*ck for game 6.”

He added, “I’m hurting deep in the soul right now I can’t lie but seeing my brothers get this win was like taking a shot of tequila, i got new life lol #dubs.”

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