Duchess Camilla: Prince Charles is ‘probably the fittest man of his age I know’

Here are some photos of the Prince of Wales visiting the Cotswold Farm Park on July 1st. That was around the time when all of the other royals began doing public events too, so Charles’ appearance got sort of buried. His return to public events is notable because Charles was the only senior royal in the Windsor clan to be diagnosed with the coronavirus. He was apparently somewhat ill – a fever, flu-like symptoms for a few weeks – but nothing like the worse case scenario for the virus. Charles’ wife Camilla claims it’s because Charles has always been strong as a mountain goat. A mountain goat???

At 71, Prince Charles is fit as a fiddle. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall gave a positive health update on her husband, who battled a mild case of coronavirus in March, during her first-ever radio guest edit on BBC Radio 5′s The Emma Barnett Show.

“He is probably the fittest man of his age I know,” the 72-year-old royal said of Prince Charles. “He’ll walk and walk and walk. He’s like a mountain goat, he leaves everybody miles behind.”

Charles, however, does not join his wife in her Silver Swans ballet classes, which continued online during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I did not get him doing a plié, but he is a very, very fit man. But he is not doing ballet,” Camilla said.

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I agree that Charles is probably very fit and he’s always lived a very healthy lifestyle as far as diet and exercise. I was going to say something about stress too… but I don’t know. Like, Charles doesn’t have “job stress” or “economic stress” like the peasants, but he has other stresses, work stresses, in his life. Speaking of, yet another royal biographer/commentator has some sh-t to say about how Charles will slim down the monarchy:

Prince Charles plans to ‘dampen a sense of entitlement among royals’ when he becomes king, a royal author has claimed. Nigel Cawthorne, author of ‘Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace,’ has said that the Prince of Wales, 71, hopes to modernise the institution of monarchy so that it’s more apt for the 21st century.

Speaking to The Express, he said: ‘The idea of the monarchy he sees, and in which he seems to be supported by William and, increasingly, it would appear the Queen, is one that suits the 21st century. Like the Windsors’ relatives who reign in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Spain, he prefers to dampen a sense of entitlement among royals. Being born as a Windsor is a privilege, but it doesn’t mean that being a certain number in line to throne means an entitlement to housing and other perks of The Firm.’

He went on to say that stripping back the royals may also be beneficial to those who aren’t keen to live a life in the public eye.

‘Prince Charles and Prince William have no choice in the matter, and nor will Prince George in due course,’ he pointed out. But he added that for some, being a royal is both a ‘gift and personal choice.’

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It’s funny that this is basically a subtweet of the Sussexes and a barely veiled “threat” that Charles will not finance the Sussexes. But the joke is, when Charles is king, he will probably WANT Harry and Meghan back. He will need them, because William and Kate as the Prince and Princess of Wales will be… bad news. Charles knows that better than anyone.

God those piglets are cute!

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