Every Celeb Who is an Alleged Anti-Vaxxer, Amid Jessica Biel News

Amid the news of Jessica Biel being labeled as an “anti-vaxxer,” you might be wondering which other celebrities have spoken out about vaccines in the past.

The Emmy-nominated actress aligned herself with prominent anti-vaccination activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and joined him for a day of lobbying in California.

There are more celebs than you likely expected who are alleged to be anti-vaxxers due to statements that they have made about vaccines.

Some of the celebs are clearly against all vaccines and some of them just believe in parental rights and the right to choose if your child is vaccinated or not. There are some stars who say they don’t consider themselves to be “anti-vaxxers,” but the media has placed them under this umbrella due to comments they’ve made.

Click through the slideshow to see 20 celebs who are alleged anti-vaxxers…

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