Everything to Know About Zoe Wees, the German Singer Behind Megahit "Control"


She Counts Songwriting as a Kind of Therapy

We can’t get over German-born singer-songwriter Zoe Wees’s raw, deeply emotional music. We were awe-struck from her very first hit, “Control,” and her subsequent releases have been just as spectacular. With a range that goes from raspy low to unbelievably powerful and sky high, Wees is an artist to watch right now, showing her artistic ability through both her incredible voice and handwritten lyrics. Even though her songs bring her audience in and allow them to get to know her for who she really is, like the empowering “Girls Like Us,” there are many details about Wees’s life that would come as a surprise to many. Curious? Ahead, find nine facts about Wees that make her the artist she is today, and that lend even more significance to the tunes she pens herself.

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