Jenelle Evans Posts Video of David Eason, Kids With Dog Nugget Amid Custody Battle

Jenelle Evans shared a throwback video on Saturday, June 8, showing her and her husband, David Eason, and their kids on their farm with her dog Nugget, who Eason later shot and killed.

The former Teen Mom 2 star, 27, posted a link on Instagram to the 21-minute video on her YouTube channel, writing, “Take a step into our #homesteading lives! Since the beginning of this year I’ve strived very hard to get the #family together and involved with our different projects. So far they have fallen in love with the experience! Here’s a little sneak peek of getting chicks and chickens for the first time!”

The video, titled “Homesteading Life,” opens with drone footage of the couple’s North Carolina acreage and shows the MTV star with Nugget, her French bulldog, as she holds a box of seedlings with corn, spinach, hot pepper, tomato, watermelon and herbs. She explains that the video is “all about chickens” and shows “the first time the kids saw the chickens.”

In the video Eason, 30, and his daughter Maryssa, 11, can be seen picking up the chicks at a farm Evans found on Craigslist.

“Do you want to see your surprise, you guys?” she asks son Kaiser, 4, and daughter Ensley, 2.

Eason then lets them into the garage, where the chickens await. He comments that one of their other dogs, Jax, is trying to “eat ’em up.” (He admitted on social media in April that the pit bull had attacked and eaten the chicks.)

Ensley appears frightened of the birds, prompting Eason to pull one of them out of the small crate they are in to show it to the kids. The couple then convince their toddler, Maryssa and Kaiser, who Evans shares with ex Nathan Griffith, to kiss the silky black bird.

Evans then reveals a box inside the house with more tiny chickens under a heat lamp, and Ensley gives one of those birds a kiss too with Maryssa’s encouragement. Evans says that “the kids are loving it.”

She then shows a group of older birds that she bought from another guy on Craigslist and, after she and Eason have to round up the runaway chickens because they accidentally left the door to the enclosure open, they get their first egg.

But the next day, when the pair go out to grab more eggs and find there aren’t any, Eason proclaims, “We’re eating chicken tonight. You guys are going in the damn pot, you ain’t producing no eggs.”

“Maybe they’re kind of stressed out from trying to adapt to our chicken coop,” his wife helpfully suggests.

The video was posted by Evans at the end of a week that saw her and Eason go to court again to try and regain custody of Ensley, Kaiser and Maryssa after they were removed from the couple’s home last month after Eason killed Nugget.

Evans and her mom, Barbara Evans, had a heated exchange outside the courthouse on Tuesday, June 4, as the reality star held her daughter, later telling Us Weekly exclusively that she felt like her relationship with her mom — who has custody of Evans’ eldest son, Jace, 9 — “is destroyed at this point.”

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