Joe Swash feeds daughter Rose for the first time as Stacey Solomon celebrates pumping

Joe Swash has fed his baby daughter Rose for the first time – and the precious moment was caught on camera for all to see by proud mum Stacey Solomon.

The 32-year-old sweetly filmed fiancé Joe on Saturday sitting by their Christmas decorated fireplace as he bottle-fed Rose, clearly delighted at reaching this milestone with his daughter.

“Daddy and Rexy got to have their first go at feeding baby Rose,” Stacey captioned the video uploaded to Instagram Stories.

In a following clip, the couple’s son Rex is seen excitedly joining in on the action, feeding his baby sister while his pleased parents watched on.

This comes after Stacey shared with her 4.8 million followers her breastfeeding triumph that morning as she posted a photo of milk collected from her breast pump.

“This morning (Rose) finished her feed and went into a lovely deep sleep,” the mother-of-four captioned.

“Then my boob started leaking so for the first time I got my old pump out (same one I used for Rex) and I actually got milk out. 2 and a half ounces – it’s made my day.

“I used to pump actual dust so this (even though it seems small) is a miracle. It’s like gold dust to me.”

Stacey has been open about her breastfeeding journey with fans since giving birth to baby Rose, saying last month that she felt guilty for enjoying the experience this time around.

“I’m enjoying feeding and I’m so grateful, but I definitely have moments where I lose my confidence and worry if I’m doing it right,” she confessed in a previous Instagram Story.

“And it’s exhausting. It’s the fourth time I’ve tried to breastfeed so hopefully it brings anyone struggling some comfort that they’re all different and every experience is different and you’re never alone.”

After sharing this with followers, the presenter received messages from other mothers who have had issues with breastfeeding which she found encouraging to hear.

Now Stacey is looking forward to celebrating Christmas, having already decked out her home with holiday decorations she shared on Instagram.

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The TV star uploaded a series of clips of Joe and herself getting hands on with the decorating, as she gave glimpses of her winter bedding, starry hanging lights and fir and fern reefs.

“So excited for our first Christmas at Pickle cottage and our first Christmas with our darling Rose,” Stacey captioned, as her baby daughter looked on in amazement at their holiday-themed home.

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