Julian Clary says he saved Dame Joan Collins life as she almost drowned in swimming pool

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Julian Clary has claimed that he saved Dame Joan Collins’ life after she “nearly drowned” in her luxury swimming pool. In an unearthed interview from 2017, the TV star, 63, said he saved the 89 year old’s life after giving her the kiss of life as she struggled after becoming “trapped beneath” an armchair in the water.

Appearing together on Lorraine Kelly’s show, the comedian recalled the time he saved the Dynasty star from “drowning” in her pool.

When asked how it came about, Julian explained the two were enjoying a break at Joan’s villa in the South of France when the incident occurred. 

Joan looked unimpressed while Lorraine asked the question.

She put on a slightly aggrieved expression and protested: “I was acting!”

Julian, however, disagreed, saying: “You can’t deny it!”

The star humorously delved into his story, telling Lorraine: “Well there we were in Joan’s luxury villa in the South of France and I was sitting by the pool reading an erotic gay novel.

“Joan was looking gorgeous floating on an arm chair thing,” he added.

The star went on: “All of a sudden I heard a shriek and a splash, and the arm chair had turned over and Dame Joan was trapped underneath.

“I thought, ‘Goodness me! Where are the staff?’ well there was no one around.

“So, without caution for my own safety I threw myself in, dragged hers out and gave her the kiss of life,” he explained.

The audience burst into laughter at Julian’s interpretation of events.

Joan shot her friend a vexed look.


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She eventually saw the funny side, however, and began to laugh.

That wasn’t the last time the legendary actress experienced a scary moment, however.

Two weeks ago, Joan was nearly knocked over by a scooter in Paris.

Joan delivered commentary during the video before a motorbike was heard revving its engine before it came into view.

It was in a clip uploaded to Instagram in view of her 277,000 followers.

She spoke: “Hello, welcome to Paris and the Place Vendome and there she is there for about four hundred years.”

Joan stopped speaking suddenly as the bike circled onto the pavement and headed towards the actress.

Following the incident, the actress shared her disbelief at almost being knocked over by the motor scooter but was fortunately left unhurt.

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