K.D. Lang Dubs Her Concerts to Be the Original Tinder

Aside from talking about correlation between her live shows and gay bars, the ‘Crying’ hitmaker explains why she chose to release new remix album ‘Makeover’ amid the coronavirus crisis.

AceShowbiz -Singer k.d. lang has described her live shows as “the original Tinder”.

The “Crying” hitmaker, who “came out” as gay in 1992 and has championed LGBTQ causes throughout her career, has opened up about her new remix album “Makeover” – and she quipped her concerts used to be like in-person versions of the dating app.

Speaking about the collection, which gives her country sound a dance twist, the Canadian told the “Homo Sapiens” podcast, “There’s not really any gay bars – there’s certainly very few in Los Angeles and there’s very few in Calgary.”

“They’re kind of a thing of the past. You know, a k.d. lang show was the original Tinder, so that was a different day, time, and a place.”

“So, gay bars and clubs, big dance parties were the community centers and it was the record company, of course, that said, ‘Let’s put out some remixes.’ “

Lang admitted the timing of the release is “perfect” as many people are still working from home due to the coronavirus crisis, giving them time to get their groove on – in private.

She added, “Now’s a perfect time to put out an album of remixes when people can dance freely in their kitchen in the morning and not worry about whether or not they know the new dance steps.”

And while a dance record may seem like a departure for the star, Lang admitted she’s always had a passion for disco.

“What’s interesting, as k.d. lang, as I spent most of my youth in gay clubs before I even started in my career,” she explained.

“People think of me as a country artist but actually I spent probably more time listening to disco and dance remixes than I did country music.”

“So, it is a fascinating aspect, kind of a cryptic tangential sidebar to my musical life that is really fun to explore.”

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