Katie Price loses ‘a stone in two weeks’ as she stresses over bankruptcy

Katie Price has reportedly left those closest to her worried as she is said to have barely eaten and lost a stone in just two weeks from the stress of her bankruptcy woes.

A source close to the former glamour model, 41, claimed Katie's basically been on a "liquid diet" as she's been worrying over her spiralling debt.

While the brunette, who recently broke her silence over her finances, has been anxious over her tricky situation, the source revealed she also fears she could be homeless by Christmas.

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The insider said: "Katie's dropped around a stone in two weeks, it's really worrying.

"She's rushing around all over the place and is really stressed out. She hasn't cooked a proper meal in weeks and is practically on a liquid diet."

The source told The Sun Online: "Even when she went to Sheesh the other night she only ate a couple of prawns and a bit of meat. Normally, Katie loves junk food and takeaways so everyone's really worried."

The source went on to explain that the dramatic weight loss is a result of her being declared bankrupt last week by Judge Jonathan Middleton, who was sitting at a specialist insolvency and companies court last week.

The mother-of-five was once worth £45 million and avoided bankruptcy last December after agreeing a plan to pay back her debts.

Katie, who recently got a psychic reading about her future, had submitted a payment plan in the form of an Individual Voluntary Agreement in order to manage her repayments of her debt, which was estimated to be £250,000.

However, she failed to meet the terms of the agreement so the renewed bankruptcy proceedings were brought.

Katie now faces losing her £2 million mansion in West Sussex, which she has been renovating in recent weeks.

Regardless of the tremendous amount of stress she's under, the reality star has continued to sell products on her Instagram as she recently recruited her 17 year old son Harvey to promote an LED face mask.

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She's also reportedly found other ways to make some extra cash during this difficult period by selling two of the three engagement rings given to her by first husband Peter Andre, 46, in order to help straighten out her finances.

A source said: "Katie's got three engagement rings from Peter – she wants to keep the first one for Princess but the other two 'upgrades' she's willing to sell.

"She says they're worth nothing to her anymore and she wants a fresh start. She's not sure if she'll sell them in a private auction or a public sale but she wants to sell them to the highest bidder and cash in."

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