Kerry Washington Was Asked Who the Best Kisser on 'Scandal' Was

There have been a lot of good love triangles on TV, but few as thirsty as the one between Olivia Pope, President Fitz, and Jake Ballard on Scandal. And if you’ve ever wondered who was the better kisser in allllll those many, many kissing scenes, Kerry Washington will not be spilling anytime soon.

Kerry showed up on Ellen yesterday, and said that the longtime host had actually gotten her into “a lot of trouble” during a previous appearance by asking which of her co-stars (Tony Goldwyn vs Scott Foley) she “like to kiss better.”

“I thought I was keeping the peace by saying, ‘I don’t like kissing either one of them,’” Kerry said. “But they were both pretty pissed for years. Like, ‘Why would you say that on national television?!’

Ellen noted that Kerry could have said she “liked kissing both of them equally,” and Kerry replied, “Who says that? No.”

I mean…as Ellen put it “there’s clearly one better kisser,” but Kerry didn’t say who, which, fair enough! Now excuse me while I go figure out where Scandal is streaming (update: figured it out, the answer is Hulu) and pretend to do work for the rest of the day while secretly re-watching it, goodbye.

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