Leonardo DiCaprio raises eyebrows over romance with 19-year-old

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Leonardo DiCaprio, who is notorious for dating a string of women much younger than himself, was recently pictured sitting next to Israeli model Eden Polani. At just 19, she is almost 30 years his junior – and his film, Titanic, was released six years before she was born.

Some fans have speculated that the pair are dating, although neither party has confirmed or denied the rumours.

Glamorous Eden is based in Los Angeles, where she is signed to prestigious modelling agency ITM, and she enjoys celebrity status with over 200,000 Instagram followers.

The Glamour magazine cover star is also represented in Germany, France and the UK and she regularly globe-trots around Europe for work commitments.

She and Leonardo were spotted chatting intently as they sat together at a party promoting Detroit singer Ebony Riley’s latest music.

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Leo’s last known girlfriend was nowhere to be seen as the pair shared conversation and laughter.

Actress Victoria Lamas, who at 23 is four years Eden’s senior, but still less than half Leonardo’s age, was last seen publicly with him in December, leaving fans in doubt as to whether or not they are still together.

Fans who speculated that Eden might be his new flame were divided about the issue, with some branding the pairing “creepy”.

Some pointed to scientific research saying the prefrontal cortex in the brain, which is responsible for things like decision-making, is not fully developed until around age 25, making her less mature than he is.

One journalist, Sarah Packer, offered her opinion that Leonardo was morphing into “the next Hugh Hefner” and expressed concern over the age-gap relationships he has been in.

Others pointed out that Eden’s education had been disrupted by the Covid pandemic, arguing that she is still grappling with high school subjects while dating a man of almost 50.

Some fans were supportive of the possible relationship, declaring that they were both legally adults and had done nothing wrong.

However, the internet was in uproar today as fans debated the issue.

“DiCaprio’s girlfriend is so young she probably studied the Romeo and Juliet film he was in when she was at school,” @witchysquid exclaimed on Twitter.


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@faithintv agreed, adding: “Someone needs to stop [him]. It was funny 10 girlfriends ago.”

@alix_iconic quipped: “Leonardo DiCaprio is only worried about climate change because he wants to leave a better world for his girlfriends.”

Meanwhile, @jean_hexx exclaimed: “So Titanic is 25 years old and Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend is just 19?! That’s just… wow.”

Most of Leonardo’s relationships over recent years have been with models, actresses or other celebrities who were all 25 or younger at the time they got together.

The only known exception to this is model Gigi Hadid, who was 27 when the pair reportedly began dating.

Some see Eden as strikingly similar to his last girlfriend, Victoria, which sparked jokes that he had already “traded in” the 23-year-old for a “younger model”.

Meanwhile, @CookeFred jokingly referred to when the actual shipwreck, rather than the movie, took place, writing: “I’ve just seen in the news that Leonardo Dicaprio’s new girlfriend was 7 when Titanic happened. So if you do the maths, she was born in 1905.”

However, @lucie_catnip defended Leo, firing back: “She’s 19, an adult, and it’s none of your business. Get over it. Isn’t there enough real stuff to be concerned about in this world?”

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