Liam Gallagher snorts his SKIN and claims aliens helped make Oasis successful

It looks like Liam Gallagher's rock 'n' roll lifestyle isn't slowing down any time soon, as proven in a brand new film about his fame.

Liam, 46, claims he snorted his own skin, drinks up to 30 pints a night and believes Oasis was formed by aliens in the bizarre new documentary.

As it Was depicts the fallout between the Gallagher brothers and what Liam did next after the band broke up.

Liam doesn't shy away from talking about his drug taking in the doc, revealing how he sniffed his skin flakes to see if it would give him the same high as cocaine.

According to The Sun , Liam says: “I only take two grams of coke before I go stage. I used to do eight.

“I had psoriasis and people thought it was cocaine. People thought I was scratching it off my head and snorting it and rubbing it on my gums and s**t. So I thought I’d give it a go. But it did nothing for me.”

Liam believes it was written in the stars for Oasis to come together.

He added: "There some f***ing ­activity going on that we weren’t aware of. Whether it’s aliens or spirits. But we were going to be in this world-famous band. Someone was making plans."

As It Was begins with Oasis’s 2009 split, covering his divorce from Nicole Appleton, 44, four years later, and his solo career which led to a No 1 album in 2017.

In a surprisingly touching scene the Wonderwall singer credits girlfriend Debbie Gwyther for turning his life around.

He says: “Debbie was the one. She’s the one like ‘Come on you’ve not killed anyone, let’s get back in the music’."

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