Listen: Jenelle Evans Makes 911 Call After Receiving Letter Containing Suspicious Powder

In an audio clip of the call, the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star can be heard explaining how husband David Eason was so freaked out by the substance he ‘just stripped completely in the middle of the road.’

AceShowbiz -As if losing the custody of her children isn’t enough trouble for Jenelle Evans, she and husband David Eason recently received a letter which contained suspicious substance. This prompted the mother of three to call police to ask them to investigate the powder.

In an audio clip of the call that was obtained by TMZ, Jenelle could be heard explaining, “I just checked my mailbox and someone sent me a letter that has powder in it and it said Brunswick County Clerk. And when my husband opened it, powder just came out all over my car and we don’t know what kind of powder or substance it is. We would like for them to come to check this out.”

David was apparently the one who was freaked out the most by the powder, as Jenelle further told the police that her gun-loving husband “just stripped completely in the middle of the road” while trying to get the substance off his clothes. “I’m looking at it right now, it’s on the ground. He dropped the whole pile of mail. It’s in the mud right now, but you can see the powder,” she continued.

The former “Teen Mom 2” star also said that they “just pulled up home from court and just checked the mail and the mailbox is still open.”

The call was made amid Jenelle and David’s battle to regain the custody of her three children, Jace, 9, Kaiser, 4, and Ensley, 2. The kids were removed from her home last month after David shot and killed their family dog, Nugget.

Jenelle is only allowed to see her children during supervised visits once a week. Speaking to E! News, she said it’s hard to see her kids at court but not able to take them home with her. “It’s really hard holding my emotions together when your child doesn’t want to let you go, but if you don’t hold it together and break it down it will make the child more concerned and upset,” she shared.

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