Loose Womens Charlene White warns travellers after brother was held in immigration cell

Charlene White says she fell down the stairs

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Charlene White, 41, had some important advice for those planning on travelling this year, after her brother had a worrying experience that left him hauled up for 18 hours with immigration n Switzerland. He was travelling to Mallorca on an indirect flight but after following the airline’s advice which turned out to be incorrect, he and his pals found themselves stranded.

Check the immigration info for each country you’re going to, or flying through

Charlene White

Taking to Twitter the Loose Women star told the “hilarious” tale while urging other to check the terms and conditions for various countries before they travel.

“Just a word of warning if you’re planning on travelling this summer. My brother just got back from being held in an immigration holding cell thing in Switzerland,” she began.

“His airline put him on an indirect flight to Mallorca from the UK via Switzerland and specifically told him the flight would be fine.

“They were then held by immigration officials in the Swiss airport who told them as they’re not double vaccinated they can’t be there, and that the airline was wrong. So… he and his mates were held in the airport for 18 hours in total by Swiss immigration officials.”

She revealed the worrying part was was that they had “no idea what was going on” for part of their lengthy stay.

“But they’re young, bought booze in Pret and from the sounds of things had a lovely time,” she joked.

“So… the moral of the story is if you’re planning on flying ANYWHERE this summer. Check the immigration info for each country you’re going to, or flying through.

“My bro’s back home, after a lot of ‘Banged Up Abroad’ jokes from me and my sis. We found the whole thing hilarious.”

Her followers rushed the comments section to post their thoughts and thanked her for sharing the useful information.

“Poor him. Hope he’s okay,” one concerned fan wrote.

A second said: “I don’t think people realise how quickly the goal posts can shift. Thanks for sharing.”

“What? How and why? Flying to Mallorca on Sunday and wouldn’t like a stopover through Switzerland,” a third seemed confused.

A fourth said: “Useful information!!.Take care yourself keep safe.”

While a fifth joked: “Bet your bro and he’s mates didn’t find it hilarious!”

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