Matt Damon is glad that J.Lo & Ben are back together in this new, more mature way

On Sunday, Matt Damon joined Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez for a beach stroll and TMZ got the photos. Matt has been pretty supportive of Bennifer this time around, although for all we know, Matt has been calling Ben a series of homophobic slurs in text messages this whole time. I would actually guess that Matt needed this Bennifer photo-op more than Bennifer needed some “support” from one of Ben’s friends. Nice of J.Lo to make time for Ben’s awful friends:

— People (@people) August 9, 2021

According to E!’s source, Ben actually brought J.Lo over to Matt’s Malibu home and they spent much of Sunday there. The source says: “Jennifer got along great with Matt” and Jen and Matt appeared “just like old friends.” When the three of them went for a walk, they “socialized with some of the neighbors… They didn’t stay long, but they said hi to a bunch of people and chatted a bit before heading back up to the house on a golf cart. They were very friendly and happy to see people.” Sources also told Entertainment Tonight that Matt is happy for Ben:

Matt Damon is here for Bennifer! A source tells ET that Damon is happy that his best friend, Ben Affleck, is back with Jennifer Lopez.

“Matt is very happy for Ben and J.Lo. They’re all close friends and get along well. It’s nice for Matt to see Ben be in such a great place in his life and in his relationship,” the source shared.

The source added that Affleck’s close friends can see how well the actor is doing since he rekindled his romance with Lopez.

“Matt is glad that J.Lo and Ben are back together in this new, more mature way. Ben is doing really well and all of his friends can see that,” the source said.

[From ET]

“Matt is glad that J.Lo and Ben are back together in this new, more mature way…” Judgy much? It’s not like Ben and Jen were dumb kids the first time around, although I do think Ben was pretty immature at the time. And again, Matt needs Bennifer’s support more than Bennifer needs Matt’s support at the moment.

Additionally, People Magazine had a big exclusive about Bennifer too – a source tells People, “They are back in L.A. now after the most special trip to Europe. They are hanging out with their kids and friends. They are having an amazing summer.” The source also says that Ben and Jen are “spending as much time together as possible before they have separate work projects in the fall. Ben will be filming in Texas and Jennifer in Canada.” Nooooo!!! Bennifer will be separated by thousands of miles this fall? Booooo!! OMG, imagine J.Lo visiting Ben in Texas? Imagine how much fun she’ll have. We’re totally going to see her in a cowboy hat, y’all.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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