Meek Mill Granted New Hearing Before Pennsylvania Superior Court

Rapper Meek Mill has been granted an appellate hearing before the Pennsylvania Superior Court in Philadelphia on July 16. Mill is seeking to have a 2008 conviction on drug and gun charges overturned.

“We’re looking forward to the oral argument before the Superior Court of Pennsylvania and to, hopefully, having Meek’s conviction vacated,” Mill’s Lawyer Jordan Siev said.

Siev added, “In light of the District Attorney’s recent filing, where he supports the granting of a new trial to Meek and the recusal of Judge Brinkley, we hope to have this injustice rectified once and for all.”

Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner had recommended the rapper receive a brand-new trial and judge, arguing that Judge Genece Brinkley was biased when she sentenced him to 2-4 years of prison time for having committed minor probation violations.

However, Brinkley turned down the petition. Brinkley reportedly visited the shelter at which Mill was serving his designated hours of community service and later criticized him for not doing enough.

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