'Morning Show' Star Nestor Carbonell Says Show Mocks Cancel Culture in Season 2

Nestor Carbonell, the weather guy on “The Morning Show,” says his character is the new poster child for cancel culture — and how out of control it’s gotten — which was the whole point of season 2.

Nestor plays Yanko Flores on the Apple TV+ drama, and when we saw him at LAX, he solved a tiny mystery about his storyline. Don’t worry … if ya haven’t seen it yet, we’re not giving away much.

In a nutshell … Yanko was doing a report about famed groundhog, Punxatawney Phil, when he refers to the little guy as his “spirit animal.” That sets off a “woke mob” backlash, his bosses get pissed and the weatherman meteorologist gets hung out to dry.

Fans have been debating whether the Yanko plot was mocking cancel culture or embracing it — and, not to offend equestrian lovers — but, we went straight to the horse’s mouth for the answer.

Nestor tells us, “What [Yanko] was canceled for was kind of absurd, which is kind of the point.” There ya have it … straight-up satire!!!

Check out the clip, though … turns out playing a guy who gets taken down by the Twitterverse did have a real-world impact on Nestor, who now views these sorts of controversies with a slightly different perspective.

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