NC Racetrack Owner Advertises 'Bubba Rope,' Slammed As 'Horrific & Shameful'

An NC racetrack owner is being called “horrific”, “shameful” and even a downright racist … and it’s all because he advertised the sale of “Bubba Rope” in the wake of NASCAR’s noose incident.

Here’s the deal … Mike Fulp, a 55-year-old who owns 311 Speedway in Stokes County, NC — threw up an ad on Facebook earlier this week for “Bubba Rope.”

In the post — which has since been deleted — Fulp wrote, “Buy your Bubba Rope today for only $9.99 each, they come with a lifetime warranty and work great.’’

The ad was immediately hit with backlash … with people outraged over the insensitivity, considering everything Bubba Wallace had just gone through regarding a garage rope pulldown at Talledega Superspeedway over the weekend.

A spokesperson for NC Governor Roy Cooper ripped the post apart in a statement to the Winston-Salem Journal, saying, “This incident of racism is horrific and shameful.”

“North Carolina is better than this.”

Hundreds of people also took to social media to blast Fulp … calling him a racist and threatening to boycott his track’s events.

Multiple attempts to reach Fulp for comment by multiple news outlets have been unsuccessful.

Per the Winston-Salem Journal, NAACP officials are now looking to see if bringing criminal charges against Fulp over the post is a possibility.

“It is horrible that someone would post something of that nature,” Reidsville NAACP chapter president Jeff Crisp said. “It’s just absolutely unnecessary in these times of tension.”

An event at Fulp’s 311 Speedway, titled “America We Stand” on Facebook, is still scheduled to take place Saturday night.

For his part, Wallace — the lone Black driver on NASCAR’s top circuit — hasn’t blinked in the face of all of the adversity thrown his way this week … even tweeting Thursday evening, “Still standing proud. Still smiling.”

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