Olivia Munns Body Image Issues During Pregnancy Trigger Her Past Insecurities

The ‘Predator’ actress is battling body image issues while expecting her first child with John Mulaney and it brings back past struggle with her self-esteem.

AceShowbiz -Pregnancy has brought back some body image issues for actress Olivia Munn.

The actress is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, John Mulaney, and admits she has been struggling with her changing body, because it has triggered memories of her past insecurities.

“I was called so many things – that I was too big to be on TV and then I would start to under-eat, because I would hear those messages and I would try to take that message myself and be like…, ‘I’m fat, sure, whatever.’ “

“I would try to take those things people were calling me, and try to own them myself, but I was struggling behind the scenes.”

“Being pregnant has brought up all those feelings, because there is so much of a, ‘How am I supposed to do it right?’ And I know there is no right, I understand that, but it’s really hard, especially to have so many images in your face all the time of what truly looks like perfection (sic).”

While she’s been grappling with her growing curves thanks to the baby, the “Predator” star is also struggling to find her pregnancy style.

She told SiriusXM’s “Pop Culture Spotlight” with Jessica Shaw, “It’s just so hard because I will Google search ‘street wear maternity’, and a lot of it comes up with these gorgeous women who are super skinny, and have this little bump, and everything is effortless.”

“They are wearing the same clothes; it just looks a little different and I don’t feel the same way.”

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