Piers Morgan says John Challis’ ‘brilliantly non-PC Boycie will inevitably be cancelled’

Boycie in Belgrade: John Challis stars in documentary trailer in 2020

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Piers Morgan, 56, was among those who were upset to learn that John ‘Boycie’ Challis had died. The comedy legend, who was best known for his role in Only Fools And Horses, passed away on 19 September but Piers worried that his legacy would “inevitably be cancelled” due to “the insufferable woke brigade wrecking the world”.

Challis, whose own brilliantly non-PC Boycie will inevitably be cancelled by these puritanical imbeciles

Piers Morgan

In his latest column for the Mail Online, the former Good Morning Britain star revealed he and Challis regularly spoke about how society has become too sensitive; both sharing the same frustrations.

They bonded over the news that universities would ban clapping to avoid “triggering snowflake students’ anxiety”, and when “the wokies” – as Piers like to call them – tried to cancel Disney’s Snow White due to the prince kissing her without consent.

Exasperated by it all, he went on: “More recently, Jennifer Saunders said Absolutely Fabulous wouldn’t get made today because it would be deemed too offensive.

“I commented, ‘Of course, it wouldn’t. No fun or “inappropriate” humour is allowed in the drab, dreary fascist world of wokedom.’”

He then recalled Challis’ response, writing: “Challis, whose own brilliantly non-PC Boycie will inevitably be cancelled by these puritanical imbeciles too, replied, ‘What’s anybody doing about it?’

“The answer is not enough, but I intend to do a lot more about it with my new show.”

With that in mind, Piers then penned a sweet tribute to the actor, who he hoped would live forever in comedy memory.

“Just wish he was going to be around to see it,” he sighed.

“RIP John, and thanks for all the laughs.”

Elsewhere, the presenter paid another salute to another public figure, after news broke that former US Secretary of State Colin Powell has died following complications with Covid.

In an emotional post, Piers took to Twitter to praise the first black Secretary of State as a “leader” and a “war hero”.

The outspoken journalist also described the ex-military officer as a “decent man”.

In view of his 8.2 million followers, Piers penned: “BREAKING NEWS: General Colin Powell, 84, has died from complications from Covid-19.

“He was an outstanding military leader & war hero and the first Black US Secretary of State.

“He was also a highly intelligent, courageous, charismatic and decent man. Very sad news.”

In a follow-up tweet, Piers shared a photo of the presenter alongside Mr Powell, as he gave an insight into their meeting.

He penned: “General Colin Powell once showed me his personal ‘life rules’ chart that he took everywhere.

“It included: ‘Get mad, then get over it. Share credit. Remain calm. Be kind. Have a vision. Be demanding.’

“They seem like pretty damn good life rules to me. What a great man.”

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