Pregnant Charlotte Dawson hopes to give birth on her late dad Les’ birthday and believes he sent her ‘little gift’

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Charlotte Dawson is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Matthew Sarsfield and has revealed that she hopes to give birth on her late dad Les’ birthday.

Charlotte was just eight months old when her beloved dad Les passed away from a heart attack in 1993. The comedian and Blankety Blank presenter was just 62 when he died.

Charlotte, 27, has a cardboard cut-out of her late father in her house, which she showed off to OK! in our exclusive tour of her home.

The reality star has shared a picture of herself and the cut-out on her Instagram, as she told her followers that she hopes to give birth on her late father's birthday.

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Charlotte wrote: “Wish I could tell you your going to be a grandad. I really hope baba comes out my chuffin womb on your birthday too … I really feel like you sent our little gift. so lucky I have you as a cardboard cut out.”

Charlotte’s followers replied with sweet messages as one person said: “I can see you having a baby boy and your calling him somehow after your dad xx.”

Another wrote: “This brings so many emotions to me because I’ll be the same with my mum . Just remember he will be so proud of you and everything you’ve done . He’s always looking down on you xxxxxxxx.”

And a third wrote: “Your dad will know love he will be watching over you & bursting with pride.”

In her exclusive interview with OK! , Charlotte told us that she believes her late dad “tried to contact her” on the day she found out she was pregnant.

She explained: “Whenever I’ve got a big job to do or something is making me nervous, I feel like he’s watching over me.

“The day I found out I was pregnant, I was home alone and the TV just randomly turned on really loud and then switched off.

“I looked it up and apparently that can be a spirit trying to connect with you. I felt so sure that was my dad letting me know he was there.”

She added: “I’ve got so many pictures of him all over the house and I go and visit the statue of him all the time.

“I’ve told Matthew if he wants to propose, he needs to get permission from his statue first!”

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On her hopes of giving birth on his birthday, she told us: “It’s so strange because when we first did the test, we worked out that my due date would land on his 90th birthday. When I told my mum that, she burst into tears.

“We went for the first scan and my due date is actually the week before, but there’s every chance I could give birth on his birthday. What a tribute that would be!”

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