Prince William also had an event yesterday, you guys! It involved football!

Today, we’re getting a very special episode of “What About Baldingham?” On Thursday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had events and meetings all over New York. Their conversations were about vaccine equality and 9/11 remembrance. Meanwhile, what about Prince William? He *also* had an event, you guys. Sure, the event garnered few headlines and he was completely cut out of national and international attention. But still, Baldemort is important, right? He is, after all, the one-finger-typist who created Earthshot! He’s the guy who is keen about football! Well, that’s what he was doing yesterday: being keen about football.

It’s well known that Prince William is a serious soccer fan, and the prince is putting his passion for the pitch into action. William, 39, visited Dulwich Hamlet club in southeast London on Thursday afternoon, joining forces with podcaster and former soccer star Peter Crouch to keep the ball rolling on a new initiative.

William’s meeting with players, club management and football fans from a range of clubs was the next step in the Fan Led Review, a program set up in April 2021 to provide a comprehensive examination of the English football system and explore ways of improving the governance, ownership and financial sustainability of clubs across all levels of the sport.

William greeted Crouch – who is director of football at Dulwich Hamlet — with a fist bump and they joked about the take-away meal they shared over a podcast recording (William joined the That Peter Crouch Podcast host, who interviewed the prince to help publicize the Heads Up mental health campaign last year.) “The last time I saw you we were having a curry, now you’ve got a proper job!” William told him.

William, who is President of the Football Association, was intrigued about Dulwich Hamlet’s close relationship with fans, asking, “What is it about the model here that’s worked so well? What’s the best practice that can be replicated elsewhere?”

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“…A comprehensive examination of the English football system and explore ways of improving the governance, ownership and financial sustainability of clubs…” Or football could just make everything more accessible for fans? The sport I follow – tennis – has the same problem, the struggle to make the complex web of governance, oversight, rules, tours, points, etc more accessible to fans and casual viewers. You shouldn’t have to basically take college courses to enjoy sports. But of course William wasn’t there to argue for simplifying the governance of football. That would be too forward-looking from… the Football Association president.

As for the stuff with Peter Crouch… first of all, that’s the sole reason why William does anything with “football causes,” it’s because he likes to hang out with current and former footballers. Second of all, what I remember of William’s appearance on that podcast is how he made a “joke” of the food-delivery guy being frisked on the floor by his security. Har-har, just another joke for What About Baldingham.

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