Ricky Gervais opens up on devastating news after fans concerns for dog in After Life 3

After Life: Ricky Gervais stars in trailer for season three

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Ricky Gervais revealed that he and his wife Jane were left “devastated” after putting their cat Ollie down in March. Following the difficult time, the After Life creator said he made sure his on-screen dog Brandy didn’t die in the upcoming series, as he couldn’t imagine the pain. 

The actor plays depressed widower Tony Johnson who is mourning the loss of his cancer-stricken wife Lisa.

Throughout the series, he watches various videos she left him while in hospital, which included her telling him to look after the dog.

Heartbroken Tony had been contemplating suicide after her death, but stopped himself after realising he couldn’t leave his dog behind.

The journalist faced more sad news weeks later when his dad died in his care home.

Ahead of series three, Ricky told The Mirror: “I made the dog as important as anything on the planet.

“That dog metaphorically and literally saved Tony’s life. And they do, it’s true. I’ve met lots of people who got a dog after their partner died, or their kids got them a dog after their partner died, and it changed them.

“They were happy again, you know? A pet is a member of the family. We put down our cat in March, and I was devastated.

“So I can’t imagine a dog dying. It’s the only spoiler I do – the dog does not die!”

Netflix reassured fans that the dog doesn’t die when they released the trailer earlier this month after fans expressed concerns.

Twitter user Tash commented: “Little bit worried by the fact that I haven’t yet seen @rickygervais tweet the reassuring line ‘The dog does NOT die’ about the new series.”

Jeannette Baldwin wrote: “I really like the After Life series. I hope the dog doesn’t die in the 3rd season. If he does, there will be crying for sure.”

Aemilia_bentley added: “I’m buzzed for After Life 3, but I swear to god if the dog dies that’s my 2022 ruined #AfterLife3.”

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Dr Thomas Hamon typed: “One of the good news of 2022… #AfterLife Third season (if the dog really doesn’t die).”

The comedian has confirmed the upcoming third series of the hit show will be the last.

He told Berkshire Live: “I’ve already made my mind up there won’t be a four.

“And you do put those things out there to make you remember as it’s tempting.

“Studios are tempted and the audience are tempted but there’s an old saying that ‘to lead the orchestra, you’ve got to turn your back on the audience’.”

Ricky was happy to learn his show had touched viewers’ hearts after his agent received 300 letters. 

He said: “No one writes letters anymore. People would come up to me on the street and it was always about their loss.

“They’d say, ‘I lost my brother three weeks before I watched it,’ or ‘I lost my wife two years ago and I was Tony, that was me, so thank you’.”

After Life season three returns to Netflix on January 14.

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