Shirley Ballas: Strictlys head judge teases amazing new project following health scare

Shirley Ballas discusses restrictions on entertainment industry

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Strictly Come Dancing head judge Shirley Ballas, 60, has taken to Instagram to announce an exciting new project she has in the works, while making the most of her sunny Saturday. The ballroom dance pro has recently kept her fans updated following multiple trips to hospital after her battle with long Covid, as well as documenting hospital trips which have seen her undergo medical scans to help pinpoint her health issues.

So I have a new project coming up, it’s going to be absolutely amazing

Shirley Ballas

Wearing a monochrome hat emblazoned with the world “queen”, the dance professional took to an outdoor pool to enjoy the British summertime.

Floating around the pool, the star decided to break the exciting news of her impending project.

Wearing a dainty silver necklace and a pair of small gold earrings, the star looked effortlessly chic as she teased news of her announcement.

In the background of the short clip, the star’s friend could be seen milling around as the host of the popular BBC dance show shared her big news.

In view of her 186,000 followers, the Strictly star told her fans to keep an eye on future updates.

She said: “So I have a new project coming up, it’s going to be absolutely amazing.

“And yes… so, watch this space,” she signed off, while drifting around leisurely.

Following her exciting new announcement, the star undoubtedly has a lot on her plate as she prepares to step into her role of head judge on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing later this year.

The Latin dance star has no doubt been left excited over thrilling news following her numerous recent health scares.

Recently the TV personality has opened up about her latest health scares which saw her document her multiple trips to the hospital.

Shirley revealed that she had a “worrying cyst” which had left her feeling down over the issue as well as her symptoms from long Covid.

She explained: “I got the Covid virus and then they found a ganglion cyst or a tumour in my shoulder. I am going backwards and forwards to the hospital all the time.”

The Strictly star then revealed the doctors have not yet pinpointed what the cause of the issue is.

“They are not really sure what it is yet,” she told The Mirror.

“They’ve done the dye and the MRIs and this and that.

“I’ve been back so many times, and I go for the results in a few weeks,” she added before adding that she’s still “worried” about it despite medical professionals thinking “it will be fine.”

Last month the dance pro took to social media to reveal that she was in hospital with a “shoulder and arm” issue.

The star gave fans the update while donning a hospital gown, as she explained that medical professionals were trying to find out what the cause is with a series of scans.

Shirley explained that she was undergoing a series of scans to help get to the bottom of what was going wrong.

The dancer’s update comes nearly a year after she was rushed to hospital with a broken ankle, which saw her share a clip of her walking on crutches with her foot in a boot.

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