Sir Mick Jagger feeling good after heart operation

The gigs in the United States and Canada had been postponed in April, while Sir Mick recovered from surgery. In his first interview since the operation, the rocker told Toronto’s Q107 radio station: “I’m feeling pretty good. Been rehearsing a lot lately in the last few weeks. This morning [I did] a bit of gym. Nothing crazy. Then I go into rehearsal with the band.” Favourites The singer ≠ who has eight children with five women – said that he loves being on the road. But he admitted that cutting back touring to three or four months a year is “quite a good balance” for him.

He said: “I don’t do it all the time – 12 months a year.

“When you’re young, that’s what you do. I spend three or four months on the road in a year and that seems to be quite a good balance.”

As for what fans can expect from the shows, Sir Mick says they can expect to hear “one or two” of their most popular tunes.

He said: “The favourite ones people like to hear are, you know, Paint it Black, Honky Tonk Women and Satisfaction and things like that.

“We don’t always necessarily do all of them. We sometimes drop one or two, but there’s maybe 10 favourites. I don’t know how people would feel if you didn’t do any of them.

“I think people would say, ‘Oh, that’s a bit unfortunate, I came to hear this.'”

The legendary group’s new shows will kick off with two nights in Chicago on June 21 and June 25, before moving on to Ontario, Canada, then on to dates in Washington DC, Foxboro, East Rutherford, Philadelphia, Houston and Jacksonville.

The Stones also added a new show in New Orleans and will continue to Denver, Seattle, Santa Clara, Pasadena and Glendale before finishing in Miami on August 31.

Sir Mick delighted fans last month when he shared a video of himself dancing energetically after recovering from his operation.

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