Stacey Solomon claimed her sister Jemma stole her baby name weeks before birth

Stacey Solomon says she 'still hasn't left her room'

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Stacey Solomon, 32, had said in an unearthed interview that her sister Jemma Solomon, 33, once took a name she was going to name her own children, weeks before the birth. The pair are very close, with Jemma being a birthing partner for her sister earlier this week.

I really don’t want my sister to use any of the names.

Stacey Solomon

Stacey spoke to Heart Breakfast Radio back in March 2019 about how careful she is with keeping her baby names secret, especially to her sister.

She said: “We have this sort of name rivalry.

“I really don’t want my sister to use any of the names.

Stacey added: “Anyone else can in the world, just not her.

“Because we can’t have cousins that have the same name.

“One of her children, I won’t mention which one, has got a name that I really wanted.”

Stacey, angry said: “And I said it loud before. School boy error!”

Jemma has three children with her husband Lee named Darcey, Mila and Hudson.

Stacey also revealed on Loose Women that her sister has already used one of the names she planned as a middle name for one of her children.

She said: “She didn’t know it was one I really wanted but I plan a lot of these things out in my head before they happen and I did have a list of top five that I had before this pregnancy.

“I bear no grudge toward my sister. What. So. Ever.”

“But I do get why people don’t say the names they want for their children because once somebody has said it in your close circle, you can’t use it.”

Stacey has four children including Leighton and Zachary from previous relationships and has two children with Joe Swash.

The pair share their son Rex and their new baby girl who was born earlier this week.

Stacey announced the arrival of her daughter to millions of followers on Tuesday evening.

This came after Stacey disappeared from social media for 24 hours, with fans convinced the star had gone into labour.

The baby was born on Stacey’s birthday, with Joe sharing on Instagram it will be an expensive day for him in the future.

He said: “My darling girls.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

Joe added: “October 4th is going to be an expensive day for daddy xxxx.”

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