The Wealthy Are Booking Private Jets To Vote in Battleground States

Forget absentee ballots, some wealthy folks will hop on private jets this Election Day to make sure their voices are heard in the battleground states they call home.

Here’s the deal … honchos at evoJets, an aviation company specializing in private charters, tells us they’ve got several clients booking flights to their primary residences on Election Day, specifically to vote.

We’re told these affluent voters have been living in their second homes during the pandemic — oh, the horror — and they’re booking same-day round-trip flights ferrying them to key battleground states.

Among the itineraries — private travel from California to Florida, Colorado to Pennsylvania and Wyoming to Ohio. The folks on those flights told evoJets they’re going home just to cast ballots. Then they’re getting the hell outta Dodge.

Company big wigs say they don’t recall this happening during the 2016 election, and the common denominator here, at least to them, seems to be wealthy clients transplanted due to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Paramount Business Jets CEO Richard Zaher tells us his company, a brokerage with access to over 15,000 private planes, says private air travel is up 100% for flights between Nov. 1-3, compared to last year.

It’s interesting … Zaher says a third of those flights are bound for international destinations. Leaving the U.S. might be smart, people here are getting ready for s*** to hit the fan come Election Night and an asteroid is hurtling towards the country.

Oh, how the other half lives.

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