These Valentine’s Day 2021 Effects On TikTok Include AR Predictors & Animated Hearts

As you finalize your Valentine’s Day plans, TikTok has plenty of fun effects for the holiday that’ll make you want to add "make a Valentine’s Day TikTok" to your to-do list. Whether you’re spending it with a rom-com marathon or hosting a virtual happy hour, these Valentine’s Day effects on TikTok will make sure you’re set. They include fun augmented reality (AR) predictors that guess how your holiday will go and cute glam heart options, so your vids will be festive AF.

No matter what your TikTok vibe is, you can find the right Valentine’s Day effects on TikTok to suit your mood. From AR predictor filters that outline the status of your love life to pretty full-body options, the app’s Valentine’s effects will inspire you to create. Some of these effects have been around since last year, but they’re just so good you don’t want to miss them.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to find all the effects on TikTok, the easiest way is to start by going to the TikTok Camera. Once you’re there, you can search through the "Effects" category by tapping on the winky face icon on the left. Some of the new filters will appear at the top of the "Trending" section, but you can also find effects throughout the categories. You may also try searching for a specific keyword like "Valentine’s Effects" in the search bar of the app, which will bring up the effect or videos that have those tags and filters. Last but not least, if you’re browsing through TikTok and find a video with an effect you like, you can tap on the name of the effect there and it will bring you to another page. From that page, tap the bookmark "Add to Favorites" button for easier access in your camera.

1. Love Outline

The Love Outline effect on TikTok offers four cute full-body outlines that move with you as you move. Make a peace sign at the camera to switch between the options, which include pink roses, blue neon hearts, a neon "LOVE" pattern, and a gold star pattern.

2. Love Life Predictions

The Love Life Predictions effect features floating Conversation Hearts and three red balloons that say "Love Life Predictions." To use it, start filming and then tap anywhere on the screen to see what your prediction is. With answers like "Temporary Heartbreak" to "Expect Drama," it’s funny to see what random answers it gives you. Plus, if you don’t like the first answer, you can always try again.

3. Green Screen Heart

If you’re looking for a more subtle effect, you can express your love for someone (or something) with the Green Screen Heart effect. The filter puts a small heart-shaped section of a green screen that works like a picture frame, so you can upload the picture of your choice to put inside.

4. In Love

The In Love effect puts glam makeup on your face and surrounds you with a crown of pink floating hearts with a rosy hue.

5. Heart In My Hand

This TikTok effect, Heart In My Hand, places a beautiful pink AR heart in your hand. To use it, you need to make sure your hand is within the frame and hold out your palm.

6. Valentine’s Predictions

The Valentine’s Predictions effect is an interactive wheel that spins over your head, revealing how you’ll spend your V-Day. With different answers like, "Eating Chocolate," to "Surprised," and "Change Your Phone Password," it’s anything but serious.

7. Romantic Storytime

TikTok has a Romantic Storytime AR predictor effect in the app that cycles through a question related to your dating life. For example, if you land on "Favorite thing about your partner," you’re supposed to answer that in the video. With random results, you can always change the topic by starting over.

8. Valentine’s Face Zoom

Make your boo laugh with this Valentine’s Face Zoom effect on TikTok. It starts with a regular zoom and then gets incrementally closer until there’s a close-up of your face with a neon pink heart. While it could look seductive, generally the result is more comical than anything.

With cute looks to AR predictor filters, you might find yourself creating multiple TikTok videos this Valentine’s Day.

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