Trump Campaign Blares 'In the Air Tonight' at Iowa Rally Amid COVID Spike

President Trump‘s campaign is pumping “In the Air Tonight” at his Des Moines rally — where few people are wearing face masks — and it’s in breathtakingly poor taste considering some grim COVID-19 facts.

The song choice comes as the coronavirus is ravaging the state. Iowa has the 4th highest COVID-19 infection rate in the U.S., 61 senior care facilities are reporting outbreaks and it saw 1,180 new cases … just on Wednesday.

So, hearing the Phil Collins hit — already an ominous-sounding song — blaring over the crowd of Trump-supporting, mask-shunning Iowans feels disgustingly grim. CNN’s Jim Acosta was doing a live shot from the event as the song played … and it was surreal to see.

Let’s not fool ourselves … this is NO coincidence.

Trump and his campaign never miss a chance to jab at his haters with their music selections at his rallies. He’s definitely heard all the criticism of him holding potential “super-spreader” rallies as COVID cases spike across most of the country.

And, the band played on …

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